Twilight Update: Dakota Fanning Officially Cast as Jane in New Moon

After weeks of speculation, it appears that Dakota Fanning has officially been cast as Jane in the Twilight sequel New Moon. After word came down the Twilight pike last week from New Moon casting director Joseph Middleton that the official casting on the Twilight sequel New Moon was complete, it was only a matter of days before we'd hear whether the Dakota Fanning New Moon rumor was true. And according to Twilighters Anonymous, the official Dakota Fanning casting of Volturi guard Jane was announced by Summit Entertainment via e-mail to the subscribers of Twilightthe Movie.com.

The exclusive Twilight subscriber announcement about Dakota Fanning stepping into the Volturi guard role of Jane came with an accompanying image with the announcement "Dakota Fanning Joins New Moon" with the subheading words "Acclaimed actress Dakota Fanning has officially joined the cast. And will play fan favorite Jane in The Twilight Saga: New Moon."

However, despite the announcement, the news section of the official Summit Entertainment website still features the Eclipse release date press release. So, we'll see what happens in the next 24 hours.

Rumors about Dakota Fanning landing a role in New Moon have been circulating for weeks, with Fanning admitting that the speculation was more than just rumor while speaking to the press, including one of our Deadbolts, at the press junket for Coraline a few weeks ago. When asked about whether she'd met Twilight and New Moon author Stephenie Meyer and the cast members Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Dakota revealed, "I’ve met Kristin Stewart, and I met some of the other cast members, as well. And yeah, I hope I get to work with them. I’m a really big fan of all of them." When asked about whether we'll see a Dakota Fanning as a vampire, Fanning admitted, " I think that would be great. I’m an evil vampire at that, if I were to do it, which is even more fun, I think."

But when the press asked Dakota about how we'll be able to see her in a New Moon role as compared to her sweet image, Fanning was quick to point out, "Yes, but I can be sweet little Dakota Fanning here, and then I can be something different in the movies. And that’s what I love."

Let's hope we see the wider official Dakota Fanning New Moon casting press release from Summit in the next few hours.

by Larson Hill

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