Peter Facinelli of Nurse Jackie talks details on the Emmys 2010 Red Carpet

Meet New Moon actor Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon in Hollywood Contest

The Explore Talent arranged Meet the Wolf Pack Contest which the lucky winner will have the chance to meet the stars from twilight Bronson Pelletier and Kiowa Gordon in Hollywood.


Booboo Stewart supports the cause of Muscular Dystrophy Association

According to MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association):

“Booboo Stewart, 16-year-old actor, singer, dancer, model and martial artist, is now also an MDA Celebrity Ambassador. He is performing and speaking at MDA events, fundraisers and gatherings of MDA national sponsors — and also will be hosting a segment of the Telethon.

Stewart, who stars in the recently released movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, has taped a variety of MDA television public service announcements (PSAs) and special appeals to help raise public awareness of MDA’s battle against muscular dystrophy. He is currently appearing in a PSA campaign for newspapers, magazines and websites as a member of the MDA Muscle Team, which includes top-name athletes, entertainers and actors.”


Twilight vamp Jackson Rathbone to appear in ABC TV series 'No Ordinary Family'

Coming up necks for Twilight bloodsucker Jackson Rathbone: A potentially recurring role on ABC’s No Ordinary Family.

The 25-year-old actor—whose two summer films, Eclipse and The Last Airbender, collectively grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide—will play Trent Stafford, a high school classmate of Kay Panabaker telepathic Daphne. Trent was recently the victim of a home invasion robbery, and I’m guessing Daphne will join forces with her superhero parents to help catch the perp.


Anna Kendrick Talks Scott Pilgrim And Live With It

Though she is only 25 years old, Anna Kendrick has already made a huge impact on the film world. She’s acts in one of the biggest modern franchises, earned an Academy Award nomination for her stellar performance alongside George Clooney in Up In The Air and plays a role in one of this summer’s most critically lauded films. And her star is only going to grow bigger.

I was granted the opportunity to sit down with the actress, who plays Scott Pilgrim’s sister, Stacey, in Edgar Wright’s film to talk about the welcomed frustration that comes with working with Wright, her experience working in ensemble casts, and her upcoming film, Live With It.

How did you come to the project and were you familiar with Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic series before hand?

I was not familiar but Edgar sent me the books in anticipation of meeting about the role, and I obviously just tore through them, they are just so fun to read. They were great as a reference point.

And how did Edgar contact you about the role?

He just got in touch with my agency after seeing a film I did called Rocket Science. My first meeting with Edgar was actually before I shot even the first Twilight movie. So I’ve been involved in this for a long time. [laughs]

If you look at Edgar Wright’s previous TV work/movie work, he has a very specific and unique vision. On set, is that something noticeable in the way he actually films it?

Oh yeah. It would be hard to miss for sure. He’s so specific to a point where you almost feel like you’re going crazy because it gets to a point where you are being sort of puppeteered by so many things. You’re turning your body on a certain word, and your chin goes down on a certain word, and your eyes go up on the next word, and you’re waiting, out of the corner of your eye for the camera man to finish that crash zoom so you can say the next word. At a certain point you’re sort of doing choreography to your own dialogue. It was really fun.

Was it like anything you’ve ever experienced before?

No, definitely not. At a certain point you kind of want to just knock something off the table because it takes a long time to get all the elements to line up and you just have to hope that the one time that they all line up you said your line correctly and hopefully in a funny way. There’s probably a lot of outtakes of me stomping off angrily because I didn’t flip my hair at the right time or whatever the direction was.

The movie has a lot of influence from comic books and video games. Before signing on did you have any interest in either of those worlds?

I can’t pretend to be a big gamer, but doing this movie and going to Comic Con and stuff and meeting Bryan definitely heightened my affection for comic books and Hope Larson, Bryan’s wife, gave me her book. It’s definitely made the world feel a lot more accessible, because at some point it feels overwhelming when you don’t have an entry point into that comic world. I haven’t read comics since I was little.

Scott Pilgrim is very much an ensemble film, and your other films, like Up In The Air and Twilight have some of those elements as well. Do you find that doing those kinds of projects help your method of acting?

On this it was so great to work with such an experienced cast. Not everybody in the cast is recognizable to your average person on the street, but I knew almost all of these actors before working with them. I’ve seen their independent films dating back to when they were in their teens. It was really exciting and they are so talented. It was great to see, especially the girls, just be so funny because so often in movies like this the girls are just pieces of furniture. And seeing how fun Alison Pill and Aubrey Plaza and Brie Larson, nobody’s a weak link.

You recently wrapped filming on the Seth Rogen-Joseph Gordon Levitt movie Live With It and you play a character named Katie. Can you talk a little bit about your character and the film?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young man who gets cancer, and it’s actually based on the screenwriter’s real experience surviving cancer. I play his social worker who is very, very sweet and has the best intentions, but is really new and doesn’t know what she’s doing. She is trying to help but it’s pretty vulnerable and, I think, in a way Joe’s character is more helpful to her than she is to him.

For the longest time the movie was known as the Untitled Cancer Comedy, but at the same time cancer isn’t something that is generally associated with laughter. Is there a line drawn between the comedy and drama in the film?

I think it definitely blends it, but Will Reiser, our writer, is just a really funny guy and Seth Rogen was his best friend and essentially plays himself in the movie. If you’re a funny person and you have funny friends, you’re still going to have humor in your life. This sad thing can happen, but you’re going to be able to see the humor in a lot of these situations. There’s a kind of realism in that. It’s not a like a heightened comedy, it’s not like a spoof by any means. There’s almost more of a realism to it than a real melodrama. You kind of get to see what this guy went through and where he found humor and the parts that he didn’t.


Michael Welch Joins Twitter

Michael Welch has just joined Twitter like his other co-stars in Twilight. Follow him @MichaelWelchAct

Stlephenie Meyer iSaves America (Parody)

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

Taylor Lautner's Comic Book Preview

The FAME Releases the Comic Book of Taylor Lautner from Twilight



Robert Pattinson is now Edward Cullen The Pussycat

It was a year ago when Robert Pattinson, while promoting New Moon at Comic-Con, said he doubted he'd ever perform his music at an open-mic night because he's "too much of a pussy."

It seems like someone may have taken that a bit too literal. Spotted last night in New York City was Edward Cullen…the pussycat!

No, it's not a new breed of feline. The hairless wonder was dressed as Bella's bloodsucking beau for the 15th birthday party for Matilda, the resident cat at the legendary Algonquin Hotel.

It's a tradition. Matilda's big day is always celebrated with a cat show featuring kitties donning fashions from Meow Wear and a fundraiser for the North Shore Animal League.


Twifans.com asks Stephenie Meyer who would win in a physical fight, Edward or Jacob?

Listen which Side is Stephenie Meyer on Team Edward or Team Jacob from the Stephenie Meyer fansite.
Twifans.com asks Stephenie Meyer who would win in a physical fight, Edward or Jacob by twifans


Twilight Saga tops Reelz Channel Top Ten Vampire Movies

The Twilight Saga is Number 1 in the Top Ten Movies With a Bite of Reelz Channel.

Twilight | The Lost Boys | Bram Stoker's Dracula | Interview With the Vampire | From Dusk Till Dawn | Blade | Fright Night | Love at First Bite | Underworld | Daybreakers | Hollywood's Top Ten | Movie Trailers

Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone Fansite Interview

The last time we spoke with you, you had only one tattoo at the time. Fast forward to a few years later, you now have 6 according to a recent interview with Saturday Night Magazine. What are your new tattoos and what do they mean to you?
Actually, it’s seven now… They all mean a whole lot to me, but I don’t know how fully I want to describe them… I have a heart for my mom, a hammer for my dad, a tattoo for the late great Spencer Bell, as well as two for my late grandparents, my first tattoo, “I’m lost”, and my newest is my family motto, “suaviter et fortiter”.

You have two films coming out the same week, how does it feel to have completed two films directed toward two very different fan bases?
It’s a mark of how I want to keep shaping my career. Keep it moving, change it up, always make it fresh for myself and the audience as well.

How did it feel to step into Sokka’s shoes for the very first time?
Pretty damn comfortable. Kinda like leather slippers.

At Newcon you revealed you originally auditioned for the role of Zuko for Airbender. Are you glad you were chosen for Sokka instead?
I think Dev plays an amazing Zuko and I had a lot of fun with the character of Sokka. I’m also excited to get to delve into Sokka’s development as a warrior and strategist… that is, if we get the next two films greenlit. Here’s to hope!

Since signing onto Twilight, you’ve always spoken about wanting to do Jasper’s back story for Eclipse. Finally getting the chance to film it, were the scenes you filmed at all how you imagined Jasper’s back story would be portrayed on screen? Was there a moment in the book you wished had made the cut?
It was exciting when I finally got to step in the civil war outfit for the first time… I looked at myself in the mirror, and I thought, now that’s Jasper. Not the high-school kid trying-to-be vegetarian-vampire Jasper, but Jasper at his core. The warrior and the gentleman. I just wished I got to play more of the Civil War era vampire scenes because it was so natural and so much fun.

In Dread, your character Stephen Grace has a pretty shocking and gruesome death scene. What was it like filming the entire process?
Surprisingly hilarious. I had an axe sticking out of me for Heaven’s sake! Bloody hysterical. Bone-splittingly funny. Axe me no more questions.

Out of all the various characters you’ve played in TV and film, which one has been your favorite to play?
The one I haven’t played yet.

What is one thing you can’t leave the house without?
Pants. Well, legally…

And finally, just a quick “lightning” round:
Favorite TV Show: South Park
Favorite Book/Author: Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Slaughter House Five
Favorite Food: meat
Favorite Movie: the big lebowski
Favorite 100 Monkeys song to perform: the live improv songs
Sokka or Jasper?: nope
Describe each of your band members in 3 words: passionate, artists, brothers

Over 300 questions were submitted by your fans and only a select few were chosen. Here they are!

From Jenny: Word is, you do not like sweets, what is something edible that you love?
Beef jerky. Anything spicy.

From Emily: What is your favorite Johnny Depp film, and if you could recreate any role that he has done, which would it be and why?
Perhaps, Ed Wood. It’s one of the many under-appreciated Tim Burton/Johnny Depp films and I think the character is so impressively passionate about what he does and how he develops over the course of the film. That would be fun to bring to life.

From Jodie: You were born on the cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn, which sign do you see yourself relating to or leaning most towards?
I don’t pay much attention to signs. Except for Stop signs.

From Jillian: What is Dean’s story? When did you get him and how did you come across him? Also how old is the little fella?
He is a Canadian cat, rescued from Canada and being adopted by a Southerner, he now prefers American bacon. Much like Wolverine, he doesn’t remember much of his past… He’s five?

From Brenda: With your aspirations of being a director, what kind of story would you want to tell?
The story of searching. I like the quote, “the journey is the destination.” Also, the idea of constant natural and artistic development in a sort of spiritual union, during the most extreme moments of our lives. And I like comedy.

From Tierney: If you had to choose never to pick up a script again, or never to pick up another musical instrument ever again (including singing) which would you choose?
Maybe I’d become a carpenter. I like to build.

From Nikki: Your most favorite childhood memory?
Fishing a bike out of a lake in Houston when I was nine years old, and my dad and I fixed it up for me to ride. Got it painted up a dark blood red… The entire process took two weeks. It was a bonding experience.

From Anonymous: I believe that immortality exists by remember those who have “graduated to greater adventures”, you often talk about your friend Spencer Bell, what is your fondest memory of Spencer Bell, and how has he influenced your life?
Spencer and I used to trade music back-n-forth whenever I moved out to LA and he was in New York. We would email each other songs or trade little sample EPs when we saw each other in person. He’s a musical inspiration, both as a songwriter and as an instrumentalist. Furthermore, as a fellow artist and a friend.

From Susie D.: As you have so willingly shared the loss of your friend Spencer Bell with us all, and you yourself (and the band) have done so much to see that his legacy of music lives on – what would you want your legacy to be?
Like Keith Richards said, engrave “He Passed It On” on my gravestone.

From Jens: In a past interview you mentioned that you were going to be an uncle, how do you feel being an uncle? And is Uncle Larry jealous now that he has to share his title?
Now there’s two uncles in 100 Monkeys! It’s an amazing feeling of pride and renewed excitement of life. Mr. Abrams is no longer the only Monkey’s Uncle… but now we have a club together. It’s exclusive. You have to be an Uncle. The other guys are jealous.

From Maddie Bridget: I’m a huge fan of who-dunnit type stories and you seem like the kind of guy who keeps a bit of mystery about himself; my question is this- were you, heaven forbid, to be “done away with,” which famous literary, cinematic or real-live detective, dead or alive, would you wish to solve the case of your demise?
I’d like to have Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes on the case. Keep it in the family, you know.

From TRS: Someone invents a device the size of a cigarette. You put one end of it in your mouth and someone puts the other end in theirs, and you both become able to know each other’s minds and memories as easily as you know your own. Do you use it? With whom?
Nope. Getting to know someone slowly and surely is the fun of it. To bumble around in love, stumbling through tongue-tied moments and fleeting, questioned glances.

From Domenique: What is the one thing that you want to do most before you die?

From LC: If you were to create a “Soundtrack” for your life up to this point, what music/songs,etc. (10 or so) would be on it?
Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip
Get Off Of My Cloud – the Rolling Stone
Something is Not Right With Me – Cold War Kids
Wonderlust King – Gogol Bordello
Whatever Happened To My Rock ‘N Roll – BRMC
Where Is My Mind? – the Pixies
Southern Can Mama – Blind Willie McTell
Things Go Up – Seasick Steve
Not Everybody Likes Us – Hank Williams III

From Heather: Since you come from Texas, and Texas is ranch country, do you know what cow tipping is and have you ever done it?
I do know of it. Legally, speaking though, I should say I’ve never done it.

From Natalie: Who is your favorite literary character (personage) and why?
Peekay from the book The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay. Not the movie version, though.

From Hope Leyba: If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only take 1 instrument with you, what would you take and why?
I would take a guitara-druma-bassa-keya-lele. It’s like a ukulele, but with a guitar and a bass and a keyboard.

From Writer_girl: I know that you love photography and I as an amateur photographer would love to know do you prefer 35mm or Digital, and what is your personal favorite camera? If not too much, what is your favorite picture that you’ve taken.
35mm all the way. Problem with digital, it takes you out of the moment and takes away the eventual symbiotic nature of artist and tool. The simple act of being able to immediately take away from the moment by checking the picture (as in digital) negates the origin of the creation of the photograph, to capture a moment and preserve it, not to stop the moment and critique it. I say film.

From Leigh: Kind of an out there question and I hope not too personal but what are your favorite things relating to the five senses and why?
Still looking for the sixth sense actually.

From Ally: Lust is one of the seven deadly sins, but which one would you be?
Hmmm…. Lust for life? Gluttonous love? Family pride?

I suppose I’ve fallen victim to them all at one point or another. I yearn to be at least one of the seven Virtues.

Thank you so much Jackson (and your wonderful management) for doing this interview with all your fans!
Thank ya’ll so much!



Teen Choice Awards 2010 Live Video Stream

MTV: Twilight Dominates 2010 Teen Choice Awards Winners (video)

The Boston Globe interview to Anna Kendrick on her Meteoric rise to Fame

Anna Kendrick has become “that girl.’’ Most notably, she’s that girl from “Up in the Air,’’ the peppy one whose sparring with George Clooney earned her a nomination for best supporting actress at this year’s Oscars. To the indie movie crowd, Kendrick is that girl who played spitfire Ginny Ryerson from 2007’s “Rocket Science.’’ And to a different segment of the population — the one that’s still debating Team Edward vs. Team Jacob — Kendrick is that girl from the “Twilight’’ series, the too-peppy, self-absorbed Jessica, who steals many a scene from her brooding costars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

And now, because of her small-but-sharp role in the film adaptation of the comic book “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,’’ Kendrick will be a geek-love hero for bringing Scott’s endearingly judgmental sister, Stacey Pilgrim, to life on the big screen. The movie tells the story of Scott, who must fight his new girlfriend’s evil exes in order to win her heart. Those exes are played by a number of familiar faces, including “Fantastic Four’’ star Chris Evans, Brandon Routh of “Superman,’’ and Jason Schwartzman of “Rushmore.’’

For Kendrick, a 24-year-old Mainer who began traveling to New York to audition for Broadway shows when she was a kid, it’s been a weird and fast journey. What started with a Tony nomination for her role in “High Society’’ when she was just 12 has become a busy, A-list movie career that had her filming “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,’’ “Up in the Air,’’ and “Scott Pilgrim’’ at the same time. She just wrapped a movie (“Live With It’’) with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon Levitt up in Canada. And soon, she’ll be back on the road to film yet another installment of “Twilight.’’

But the other day — during a stop in Boston to promote the Friday release of “Scott Pilgrim’’ — the very approachable and sensitive Kendrick was just happy to be home in New England.

AK: [Looking skeptically at a cappuccino that was delivered to a hotel conference room before her arrival.] Is this for me?

MG: It’s not for me. I didn’t order it. I think they brought it for you.

AK: I didn’t ask for it. It’s funny — there’s a cappuccino here as though I demanded it. I didn’t. I asked for nothing. It looks like, “She’s such a diva.’’

MG: I’ll make sure I put that in the story. “She did not make a demand for coffee. Not a diva.’’

AK: Good [laughs].

MG: We should have done this interview years ago, when you started your career, because you’re basically from here. We consider Maine “here.’’

AK: I feel like I’m from here. When I was growing up [in the Portland area], Boston was like, the big city — sort of in starry lights, like the proverbial starry lights. I have spent quite a bit of time at the bus station — South Station. Most of my time in Boston was spent taking the bus to New York or the bus from Boston back home. I’ve had a lot of lonely nights with, like, a crappy Discman.


ET: Ashley Greene at 2010 Teen Choice Awards (video)

Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel talk about Twilight and playing games in between takes of Eclipse on Glamour UK (video)

Good vamp, Ashley Greene, and bad vamp, Xavier Samuel talk to Glamour UK. In the interview Ashley talks about how Alice changes a lot in Eclipse while Xavier talks about his fight with Rob in Eclipse. Then the two talk about playing games in between takes, the guys playing music and a lot more.

Peter Facinelli talks how Carlisle changes a bit in Eclipse and a lot more on Glamour UK

In the interview Peter talks about how Carlisle changes a bit in Eclipse, what he loves about the character, the Team Carlisle fans, his famous cast dinners and what it was like to work with the different directors.

Access Hollywood: Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone at Teen Choice Red Carpet (video)

Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone let Access Hollywood know what has been keeping them busy.


New Moon star Chaske Spencer Auctions Off T-Shirt and Poster Signed By the Wolf Pack for Charity ‘Be The Shift’

On Friday, August 6th, Chaske Spencer, star of The Twilight Saga film series: New Moon and Eclipse will auction off a signed t-shirt and poster autographed by five members of Twilight’s Wolf Pack including, Chaske (Sam Uley), Alex Meraz (Paul), Bronson Pelletier (Jerod), Kiowa Gordon (Embry Call), and Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) via eBay. All proceeds of this auction will benefit the “Be The Shift” project which is a charity campaign created by Chaske (and his manager) through his non-profit organization, United Global Shift.
The auction will go live on eBay this Friday, August 6, 2010, and bidding will start at 99 cents. A signed poster of Chaske Spencer wearing a “Be The Shift” t-shirt during the campaigns official launch party will be auctioned off as well as a “Be The Shift” t-shirt signed by the aforementioned five members of Twilight’s beloved wolf pack.
The Ebay auction link is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170523170294
“Be The Shift” uses the Cheyenne River Sioux Water Infrastructure project as a launching pad to empower people to create sustainable, lasting change in their communities and countries through awareness of the current issues and conditions, alternatives that promote dignity, justice, unity, and accountability, and taking action that supports the creation of these alternatives.
Spencer, who is a Native American from the Lakota Sioux tribe in Idaho and Montana has been especially active in the campaign. After hearing of the disaster in South Dakota, Spencer felt compelled to help. In less than a day, he produced a PSA through his production company Urban Dreams Production, enlisting the assistance of his celebrity friends to raise awareness and support to those who have been without power and water for weeks. The PSA urged individuals to “shift the power to the people” and help to empower everyone to create sustainable, lasting change in their communities and countries. In less than a month over 13,000 letters went to Congress as a result of the viral PSA campaign.
To visit the auction site, click here.
And of course, check out Be The Shift’s site here.


Twilight vampire doctor Peter Facinelli Talks ‘Twilight’ to Fredericksburg.com

Peter Facinelli had never heard of the "Twilight" books when his agent asked him to audition for a vampire movie.

"I said no. I was thinking it was some B or C slasher, horror kind of picture," said Facinelli, whose agent quickly sent him a copy of Stephenie Meyer's popular first novel.

"I couldn't put it down," said Facinelli, who read it in one night. "It was kind of a throwback to the origins of what vampire folklore was, the sensuousness and the love story that it used to be.

"It wasn't a schlocky horror movie."

No, indeed. The first three films in the "Twilight" series have grossed $1.7 billion worldwide and spawned full-blown fandemonium, with "Twi-hards" camping out days in advance for film premiere tickets, decked out head-to-toe in movie merchandise.

And Facinelli has been along for the ride as Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the kindly head of a family of "vegetarian" vampires--they feed only on animals, not humans--and the adoptive father of Edward, played by mega-star Rob Pattinson.

Facinelli will greet fans tomorrow at Spotsylvania Towne Centre as part of a fundraiser for the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which supports pediatric cancer research.

Since the first film came out in 2008, Facinelli has done his share of public appearances, many on behalf of charities. This one, founded by parents who lost their 8-year-old daughter to cancer, is a favorite of the actor, who has three young girls of his own.

"These parents took this horrible, devastating thing and made it into something inspiring and positive," said Facinelli, who has also visited pediatric hospitals. "I have kids. I couldn't even imagine them having to be in a hospital sick."

His previous appearances have attracted thousands, and his Twitter feed has nearly 1.7 million followers. Still, Facinelli seems genuinely surprised by the throngs.

"I'm always excited when more than five people show up," he said. "I'm always flattered."


It's hard to imagine now, but the crowds weren't always there. While filming the first movie in Oregon, Facinelli said he and fellow actors Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson could grab dinner in local restaurants and no one batted an eye.

"We could've been doing a cookie commercial. Nobody cared we were doing this movie," he said. "We felt a responsibility to make a good movie for the fans of the books. But somewhere between the wrapping of filming and the premiere, that fan base exploded."

Even after that, the dark-haired Facinelli said he often wasn't recognized in public. In real life, he's a young-looking 36 with a healthy glow about him. It takes up to two hours in a makeup chair to transform the actor into Carlisle Cullen, a 350-year-old vampire with bleach-blond hair and pale, shimmery skin.

Of course nowadays, admirers have no problem picking the L.A. resident out of a crowd. He's happy to sign autographs and pose for photos, though he'd rather not pretend he's biting someone. For the most part, he said, fans are friendly and supportive.

"They're very polite about it," he said. "I feel bad for Rob Pattinson. He can't walk anywhere. I can still walk through a mall and people recognize me, but it isn't like the whole mall is staring at me."

Many of the fans he meets are young, which doesn't faze Facinelli at all. His own daughters are 13, 7 and 3.

While his oldest enjoys the books, she won't wear the film merchandise since her dad's in the movies, he said.

When he's home, he's the assistant coach for her soccer team.

"I'll go to some mall and have all these people standing in line. When I'm on the field with these 13-year-old girls, they don't care that I'm Carlisle," he said. "I'm the guy who makes them run laps."


Facinelli's fan base isn't limited to Twi-hards. He also plays the manic Dr. Fitch "Coop" Cooper in the Showtime series "Nurse Jackie" alongside Edie Falco.

During summer and fall of last year, he played both characters at once. He'd spend two or three days on the set of "Eclipse" in Vancouver, then fly to New York City for several days of "Nurse Jackie" filming.

He was sleep-deprived but said he enjoyed the experience.

"I like that he [Cooper] is 180 degrees from Carlisle, but has the same occupation. It's interesting to play two doctors so different from each other," Facinelli said. "One is really mature, the patriarch who's solid as a rock. Coop is immature and runs around like he drank five cans of Red Bull. For me to go back and forth between the two characters is a blast."

Facinelli is also plenty busy behind the camera. He's written a Hallmark Channel movie called "Mulligan," which should air next year. It stars his wife, Jennie Garth, who played Kelly Taylor for 10 years on "Beverly Hills, 90210."

This week, he was in Rhode Island, filming a movie he wrote called "Loosies," about a New York pickpocket who suddenly learns he's about to become a father. The film's cast includes Joe Pantoliano ("The Sopranos," "Matrix"), Jaimie Alexander ("Kyle XY"), Michael Madsen ("Reservoir Dogs," "Donnie Brasco") and Vincent Gallo ("Buffalo '66").

"They're so good. I feel blessed to be working with them," said Facinelli, who will look for a distributor for the film once it's been edited.

He said it's been a treat to see actors bring to life something he wrote, and he hopes to pursue more filmmaking.

"When you write and produce--and at some point I'd like to direct--you're creating these worlds. You have a hand in it," he said. "It's like being the coach of a baseball team rather than the second baseman."


Stephenie Meyer Talks About Twilight Characters Bree, Riley, Victoria and Jane

Q:Well we did fall in love with Bree, and we were trying to figure out why she was destroyed.  We can’t figure out a rule that she broke.  She didn’t reveal herself to a human, she wasn’t in a fight… So we want to save her… So, why? Why is she not around?

SM: She’s not around because, there are the specific rules, there are general rules… Don’t attract attention.  And, the specific rules, and armies are against the rules.  So once you’ve screwed up enough, so that people are noticing, and people are noticing big time with this, you all are gone!  If they just said, “This member of this wild coven was bad, and this one was bad… We’ll kill them!  But you guys did okay.”  That’s not how you rule with terror.  You know!  Iron fist, man!  You all suffer!

(Everyone Talks!)

SM: She would have been fine if she hadn’t been a part of that group. Yah… Bad decisions.  Her and Riley both.

Q: I was just wondering if Jane had an ulterior motive with that?  There was something between her and Jane.  Did Jane see her (Bree) in the trees?

SM: No. Jane didn’t know.  Jane came into it thinking… She didn’t know what the newborns had been told. She had that one exchange with them. She doesn’t know. And, what has this girl (Bree) already told them? You know, she was ready to… She wanted to make sure the statements on the table at the end were the ones that they should be.  Even though she’s not in control, she is pretty high up.  She has a sense that at some point it’s going to hit the fan with the Volturi, that the Cullen’s are of special interest.  But at the same time it would embarrass her, the people in charge (her bosses), if she slipped up. She was all flying on her own with this one.  But she was impatient, she was like, when are they going to do this? We’re (Volturi) getting embarrassed because this all out there.  So she finally goes to Victoria and says you have to do something or I’m going to have to kill you all.  She doesn’t want to do that.  She wants the Cullen’s to get killed. And, she’s all along making her own decisions which could get her in a lot of trouble.  You know?  So, she’s very tense for Jane. She doesn’t usually have to fly solo for stuff like that.

SM: You guys have all seen the “Decisions, Decisions” clip right?  I love that!  It’s not in the Bree novel, but I love how pissed she gets with Felix.  She’s on edge.  She’s very calm on the exterior, but she could screw up and that’s a very scary thing for her.

Q: When I first picked up the Bree book, myself, the title “The Short Second Life…”  Then I started reading the beginning and she talks about how as a vampire you don’t really remember that first life and this is the new chance.  I got a little Twi-sophical on it… I just wanted to know, from your perspective if you think the life of a vampire is a ‘Redemption Story’?  Like a rebirth… Second chances?

SM:  I think in some ways it’s exactly like your first life, because you get to decide. Right? Which side you’re on? And, some people are like Victoria, and they want the power like the Volturi.  They kind of the same as who they were. So you could change in your second like, but most of them… some of the do!?! I think that Laurent waffles a little bit.  You know, he makes an attempt. It’s not impossible to change but it’s very difficult.  Which is how I see human nature… How many people do you know… I think I know of two people that have totally turned their lives around out of hundreds of people. It’s a really hard thing. I think it’s the same thing for the vampires.  Now Jasper’s a good example of someone who did find redemption in the second half of his second life.  But I don’t think that just being given a second chance necessarily mean you’re not going to do the same thing you would have before.  Now you just have the chance to do it more violently, and kill more people… Yes!  (Laughter)

Q: What happened to Bree?  We talk about souls, after Eclipse especially,what happened? Does she have one?

SM:  See, I feel like that’s a question that is for later… If I kept going.  That’s something that they don’t know at this point. Right?  Bree didn’t know. And I haven’t gone there yet.

Q: Have you decided in your mind?

SM: Yah.

Q: She (Bree) does say she wants to be with Diego. She thinks I want to be with Diego now. Does she really get to be with Diego in the end?

SM: Vampire Heaven… That would be a cool book, right?  There are a lot of angel books out. I haven’t read any of them… I’ll have to find some good ones.

Q: Instead of killing people they have to go around helping people?!?!

SM: It’s like the original ‘Little Mermaid’.  Like the sprites that have to go around doing good deeds for their soul.  maybe that’s it.  Vampire chores…

Q: I was leaning more towards cannibal mermaids later?

SM: Yah… I love the cannibal mermaids.

Q: We talked a little bit about Riley, and how Bree Tanner changed some perceptions about Riley. I had a lot of pity for him… Originally.  Then I read Bree Tanner and it takes it away a little bit. Ok, maybe a lot!

SM: We see him get about as dark as someone can get!  And, yah, I had way more pity for him until I got to a point where I realized what he would have done to Diego. And, that he would have been a part of that. He really liked Diego, but because of that tie to Victoria he was able to cross even the line of friendship and any kind of decency. So, by the end he is not a pitiable figure. He loses that ability. I still, when I read Eclipse, when I look at the end, that moment when Edward gives him a chance and he could rethink it… And he knows what she is, because of what he’s just gone through with Diego.  He didn’t care about the others. I think he’s about to find out she doesn’t care about him, but he just betrayed his friend in the most spectacularly horrible way!


Archie Comic's 'Twilight' Parody Previews at MTV

Back in June, we brought you the first look at "Twilite," the upcoming "Archie & Friends" parody of the "Twilight" movie franchise.

Sporting a cover that spoofs the popular "Twilight Saga: New Moon" poster image, the first issue of "Twilite" hits shelves August 11 — but you can check out the first 11 pages exclusively here on Splash Page.

    It’s love at first bite when two new mysterious students arrive in Riverdale. Betty and Veronica are fascinated by the smoldering-hot Ivan, but Jared is warning everyone who will listen that Ivan is really a bloodsucker!


Official plot synopsis:


    New York, NY (June 17, 2010): Archie Comics—publisher of the must-have “Riverdale Shore” and “Battle of the BFFs”—is giving the world more outstanding shout-outs to today’s teens, and this time it’s something the world can sink its teeth into: “Twilite”! This August in ARCHIE & FRIENDS #146, the latest in a line of great comic book media parodies, Archie Comics is about to enter the thrilling world of vampires, werewolves and the mortal teens who love them!

    It’s love at first bite when two new mysterious students arrive in Riverdale. Betty and Veronica are fascinated by the smoldering-hot Ivan, but Jared is warning everyone who will listen that Ivan is really a bloodsucker! Reggie jumps at the chance to help Jared expose Ivan as a vampire, but love… or maybe Ivan… is clouding Betty and Veronica’s vision! Can Archie and the others save the girls from the mysterious Ivan? Is there a greater danger lurking in the darkness?

    America’s favorite comic book teens, Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the gang enter the world of fantasy, where supernatural beings must choose between good, evil, and most of all, love! “Twilite: Part One,” the first of a two-issue crusade for truth, love and freedom, begins with ARCHIE & FRIENDS #146 and ends with a larger-than-life conclusion in the following issue, ARCHIE & FRIENDS #147!

    “Vampires and the friends and foes of their world surround us every day,” remarks Archie Comics Co-CEO, Jon Goldwater. “It has been a spectacular treat to bring them to the world of Archie, Betty and Veronica in ‘Twilite.’ I can assure you, Riverdale has never seen a romance quite like this!”


Interview: What Twilight Merchandise does Twilight author Stephenie Meyer keep?

LTT: So what have you been given where you’re, like, “Oh! Okay…that’s interesting…”

SM: What’s the weirdest thing I’ve been given? I been given some really amazing stuff, because someone gave me a quilt that…….I mean, I don’t have words. It’s amazing. Each square was made by someone different. And they depict scenes from different scenes from the book. And it’s lovely.
Someone knitted a giant Twilight book cover with the hand and the apple. It’s a bed-size blanket. And it’s amazing. That took a lot of effort!


Meghan: The drum?

SM: Oh, the drum….that was amazing. That’s one of my
favorite things. From the Quileute Nation, they sent me a drum, and I guess part of the package was “you have to make your first drum,” and it was somebody’s first drum that they had made, and it’s really beautiful. There’s one very similar to it hanging in Emily’s house. That was really cool. But they want things that are funny that I’ve gotten.

Meghan: Oh, funny! Well…

SM: I’m trying to remember…Something like, “Edward would
wait” and had a picture of Edward and things like that. And those are like, oh, man! The absolute embarrassment!


Kallie (TST): I remember last year at the premiere, there was a girl
who had Twilight, but then you turned it around and I guess it said “vampire”?

?: Werewolf.

SM: I mean you gotta give her points. That’s kinda cool.

Nikki (LTT): What about
the one that’s, like, Edward’s head, but he had, like, huge eyes.

(more chatter about various Twilight gifts and “30 Rock” TV

SM: Yeah, there’s some stuff out there, especially the non-sanctioned stuff.

Alison (twifans): Do you have a room that you put all of the stuff in? Do you have a Twilight room?

SM: I have a Twilight storage shed. We have 3 storage sheds. They give me all of the official merchandise too. If you try and think, there are people who want this, you know, maybe I’ll give it to someone…

Meghan: You guys are getting some of it!

Group: Yeah!!

SM: For Christmas, we always do a White Elephant exchange in
my family. Kinda like a good joke. It’s like, who can get the best thing, right? I have a lot of brothers, so I got, like, the extra large Jacob with no shirt on.


Actress Ashley Greene Talks About Butter Movie With ET

Ashley Greene filmed a small but key role in the movie butter. She plays the stepdaughter of Jennifer Garner’s overly obsessed champion butter carver. ET talked to the cast about their roles. The film, also starring Hugh Jackman and Alicia Silverstone, is slated for an unknown date next year.

Dakota Fanning in ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ PSA

Costume Designer talks Kristen Stewart Role in Welcome to the Rileys

The Back-Lot podcast talks with costume designer Kim Bowen, who worked on the film Welcome to the Rileys starring Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. Bowen talks about working on the film with director Jake Scott and the level of commitment from each of the three stars.

Here are some excerpts of Bowen’s interview talking about Stewart:

“Kristen Stewart is a very unusual person, acting since she was a child she has deliberately steered clear of all the candy coloured heaven that Hannah Montana Hollywood offers.”

Getting the perfect look for Stewart’s character of Mallory:

“Kristen Stewart was a challenge because she is really, really elegant. She is one of the most naturally elegant people I have ever encountered. She just had a natural thing about her body, the way she is shaped and the way she moves. She is an extremely gifted actress and I don’t know if that is part of what lends her as such an expert interpretation of clothes.”

“We went through three different paths to get her wardrobe right. The first time it was a stylist’s dream, she looked amazing. A modern version of Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver,” she just looked amazing. We then realized it was wrong, she looked too good. We wanted to have her look more fragile.”

 ”In the end, we had to really strip it down. She ended up wearing large over-size clothes, hiding herself. You only get to really see her fully in her stripper outfits, very crude -what a young girl would think sexy looks like.”

 Kristen Stewart’s investment in the character:

“Kristen is a very invested actress. She has been doing the Twilight films, and it was very important to her to play this character with a real dose of reality. I don’t think she wanted anything frivolous out of it, I don’t think she wanted to be glamorous. That wasn’t important to her, she wanted it to be real.”

“Kristen is a very courageous actress. She wanted to be fully that character of Mallory. She didn’t care about looking beautiful; in fact she thought quite the opposite. She had the make-up artist cover her with bruises and cold sores. Kristen looked a wreck half the time. She didn’t have any desire to be physically perfect.”

Welcome to the Rileys tells the story of Gandolfini and Leo, as Doug and his wife Lois who are dealing with the death of their teenage daughter. On a business trip to New Orleans, Doug meets teenage stripper Mallory. After turning her down at the strip club where Mallory works, Doug offers to pay Mallory $100 a day if he can stay for a while, get his head together. No sex. No strings. Lois soons joins Doug in New Orleans, and the couple try to heal their broken lives and save Mallory’s in the process.