Kristen Stewart denies bond with Robert Pattinson

Twilight fans might think that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have a deep understanding of each other but Kristen doesn't think she knows the real Rob.

Kristen was asked by Stephenie Meyer to describe Rob in two words during a Moviefone Unscripted interview.

Robert added: "Why two? Why not just one? Or three?"

Kristen said: "It's funny, I know very well, better than anybody else a version of Rob, I mean like, you have a very complete experience making a movie like you'll go through something with someone... and that's like a seperate little thing.

"I don't feel like I know him very well. Maybe..."

Rob interrupts "He's such a great actor."

Kristen laughs: "How about good actor. Good person."



Robert Pattinson's Thought on 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon

Returning to portray Edward Cullen in next 'Twilight' saga, 'New Moon', Robert Pattinson spills the beans on what the movie will be dealing with, comparing it to 'Twilight'.

"Twilight" star Robert Pattinson has shared his thought on what to expect from the upcoming "The Twilight Saga's New Moon". Talking to Reuters, the 22-year-old compared the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's second "Twilight" novel to the first one, noting that it will mostly deal with loss and reconciliation.

"The book of 'New Moon,' the majority of it is incredibly depressing," the actor who starred as Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" said. "Obviously 'Twilight' was about finding first love and the difficulties of that, but 'New Moon' is really about loss and reconciliation, but the reconciliation isn't completely full." He then added, "It's a strange story to have for a market that, I guess, wants to see a love story."

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon" will be directed by "The Golden Compass" helmer Chris Weitz using the script penned by "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. Centering on the personal conflict Bella experiences, it will chronicle the time Bella Swan is left devastated by the abrupt departure of Edward Cullen. Finding solace in her friendship with Jacob Black, she soon finds herself drawn into the world of the werewolves and her loyalty to the vampires is tested. The Summit Entertainment movie is aimed for November 20 U.S. release.

Taking the lead role of Edward Cullen in 2008 blockbuster "Twilight", Robert Pattinson is reprising his role as the hundred-year-old vampire in the vampire drama sequel. He has joined other original actors, including Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner as the production for the film has taken place in Vancouver, Canada.


Hush-hush 'Twilight' filming wraps in Tofino

Small town word-of-mouth paid off for five Ucluelet fans of the Twilight Saga film and book series Friday.

Laura Timmermans, 17, and four of her friends went to Pacific Rim National Park Thursday and Friday to scout out what they heard was filming of New Moon -- the second installment of author Stephenie Meyer's four-part series about a vampire who falls for a girl in a small Oregon coast town.

New Moon is filming in and around Vancouver but locations have been top secret to avoid hordes of screaming fans storming the stars and set. A recent casting call for small roles in the $50-million film drew hundreds of fans to Victoria and Vancouver.

Joan Miller, film commissioner for Vancouver Island North, was mum on details of more filming.



New Moon:' Expectations & Reservations About The 'Twilight' Sequel

With this past weekend's release of the DVD Twilight, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, several fans are already looking ahead to the future of the incredible series by Stephenie Meyer. Certain fans (myself included) believe that New Moon was their least favorite out of the four books, so we have high expectations to make this movie shine (like Edward!).

Cutting Down the Length

Many fans criticized the book for being too long. There were several pages that could've been eliminated. Ok, Bella misses Edward. We get it. Let's not have Bella dwell so heavily on his absence. We need to see that she misses Edward and that he truly was what she wanted, but not to an obnoxious degree. Personally, I think it will be interesting to see how director Chris Weitz will handle Edward's voice cautioning Bella in her head when she tries her stunts.

Jacob's Overconfidence

Twilight The one aspect of this book that made it unique and moved the overall story forward was how Bella's relationship with Jacob grew in Edward's absence. She didn't know whether or not Edward would ever return and began to believe that she should allow herself some slice of happiness through someone else. One thing I do not want to see, however, is Jacob's arrogant overconfidence. Never before "New Moon" have we seen Jacob be so forward and sure of himself. He used to be shy and quiet around Bella, just happy to be in her presence. In "New Moon," however, he became someone who wasn't afraid to say how he felt and what he wanted, even if Bella didn't necessarily want to hear it. This was not the Jacob I had gotten to know in "Twilight." As a friend, that kind of behavior can be good, even helpful, but we all know that friendship was not what Jacob was after. Let's try to tone his attitude down and just make his "sureness" amusing instead of annoying.

The Volturi

I want the scene in Italy with the Volturi to be KILLER! This group of centuries-old vampires are what the "Twilight" series is basically all about. Bella should not know about vampires, but she does. Her knowledge of the Cullens goes against the "Vampire Code," and it makes this new portion of the plot that much more dangerous and exciting. I want to know exactly how dark some of these vampires are, and I want the Volturi to make James look like Barney. The introduction of these "keepers of the vampire secret" should really be something incredible to give us more to look forward to in "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn."

That being said, I am sure plenty of Twi-hards will be plenty happy just to have the film finally out. As long as there aren't any drastic changes in cast (which almost ALWAYS throws off the chemistry among the actors), and the story stays true to the book, I am sure that the film itself will please many. Just try not to move the release date back from November 20, 2009. A year from the "Twilight" release date is already plenty long to wait!



Northwest climate left 'Twilight' crew cold

While "New Moon," the sequel to "Twilight," is filming in Vancouver, B.C., Oregonians can relive our moment in the pop phenomenon spotlight with the two-disc special edition "Twilight" DVD.

Rabid -- or is that bloodthirsty? -- fans of the human-meets-vampire romance scooped up copies of the DVD at midnight release parties as Friday night slipped into Saturday morning. But you don't have to be a "Twihard" to wonder what bits of local color turn up on the special features of the hit movie.
Summit EntertainmentKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson get that Northwest feeling in "Twilight."

After all, Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight," first in her mega-selling series, is set in the rainy Northwest town of Forks, Wash. The movie version was shot on location around the Northwest, in Portland, St. Helens, the Columbia River Gorge and Kalama, Wash., among other sites.

So how does our corner of the world come off in the DVD commentaries and making-of documentary?

Let's listen in on some comments from stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and director Catherine Hardwicke:

"It was freezing."

"We were freezing cold."

"It was like 20 degrees or something."

"The weather was not our friend."

"The roots (in a forest scene) were slippery. ... I still have a big scar from where I fell down."

"(The rain and wind) were seriously heinous," prompting the crew to complain of "inhuman conditions."

"The weather kept changing."

OK, tell us something we don't know.

While the combination of sun, clouds, rain, hail and wind proved unpredictable and challenging for the filmmakers, the Northwest does get a little love in the DVD set. In the prom scene, human teenager Bella (Stewart) appears to be shivering as she gazes at her vampire beau Edward (Pattinson). But at least the gorge's View Point Inn looks nice.

Locals also can be on the lookout for such Oregon spots as the Carver Cafe (with Meyer's cameo); the "Swan" house, which is actually in St. Helens; and the stylishly modern home of Edward's vampire family, which Hardwicke says belonged to a Nike executive. "I was surprised he let us film there," Hardwicke says. Stewart adds, "We weren't allowed to touch his dining room table."

In between comments by Pattinson obsessing over his plucked eyebrows and disparaging his appearance ("wears lipstick, has a little bouffant, and does circus acts," he laughingly says of his character), the DVD showcases the Northwest at its mossy finest. The "unearthly," as Hardwicke says, feeling of damp, foggy forest seems eerily romantic in sequences shot in Oxbow Regional Park; behind the Stone Cliff Inn in Carver; high in the treetops overlooking the gorge; and the Shire, a historic site across the Columbia River from Multnomah Falls, which is also known as the John Yeon Preserve for Landscape Studies.

"This is such a beautiful location," Hardwicke says, as a scenic shot of the gorge fills the screen.



'Twilight' debuts on DVD

Would-be vampires and would-be girlfriends of vampires will be out in force tonight, as dozens of Baltimore-area retailers will host parties celebrating the midnight release of Twilight on DVD.

Based on a best-selling book series by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight chronicles the unlikely (and intensely melodramatic) love affair between a loner teenage girl (Kristen Stewart) and an immortal vampire (Robert Pattinson). The books have sold millions of copies, mostly to pre-teen girls, and the 2008 movie has pulled in more than $190 million at the U.S. box office.

Release parties for the Twilight DVD are being held throughout the U.S. In fact, members of the movie's cast and crew are scheduled to show up at "select locations" (no word if anywhere around here has been selected). The parties, complete with giveaways and commemorative merchandise, are scheduled for 10 p.m.-12:30 a.m.

To find the Twilight zone nearest you, go to twilightthemovie.com.


Review: 'Twilight's' celibacy raises a question about vampire sex

And speaking of vampire sex "...

As you may know, "Twilight," a love story about Bella, a pretty high school girl, and Edward, a prettier male vampire, celebrates celibacy. What you may not know is when he kisses her — in depth in the DVD's "dream sequence" extra — he seems only an exhale away from losing it and supping from her jugular.

Which raises the question brought up in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer": Can a hunky vamp consummate his desire for a human without leaving said human bloodless and inert?

Hard to say, though based on the mostly expressionless "Twilight" stars — Kristen Stewart and schoolgirls' stud-muffin Robert Pattinson — inertia has already set in. Nothing like an infinite number of intense, longing gazes, shot close up, to spread that inertia to non-tweener audience members.

Pattinson looks born to brood. Stewart kindles a spark or two of aliveness, but the dysfunctional vampire family that welcomes Bella with cold open arms is livelier and more intriguing. Melodramatic beyond imagining, the story still provides plenty for tween-age girls to go gaga over.



Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner bring 'Twilight' to Japan

"Twilight" mania has undoubtedly spread around the world. In February 2009, the three most popular stars of the film — Robert Pattinson (who plays vampire Edward Cullen), Kristen Stewart (Edward’s human girlfriend, Bella) and Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob Black, Bella’s close friend who’s also in love with her) — continued their international promotion of the 2008 "Twilight" movie by holding a press conference in Tokyo for a select number of journalists and fans.

In contrast to the "Twilight" panel at the 2008 Comic-Con International event(attended by a screaming crowd of thousands), the press conference at Tokyo’s Ebisu Garden Place was like being in a church: quiet and respectful. (And that subdued atmosphere has a lot to do with Japanese culture, which discourages shouting and screaming at public events.) With the help of Japanese translators, Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner took questions from the audience, and then the three stars posed for photos. Pattinson and Stewart still seemed somewhat uncomfortable with their celebrity status, as they fidgeted during questions and often looked down as they were talking, but Lautner (the youngest of the three) was calm and poised during the press conference. Here’s what they had to say:

How much input did "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer have in how you played your characters in the movie?

Lautner: I think the biggest advice from Stephenie was to follow Jacob’s character from the book, because that’s what the fans love and that’s what we wanted to stay true to. I read the book several times, and that’s what we wanted to stay true to for the fans.

Stewart: I have to stay likewise. Everything was there in the book. Stephenie actually didn’t have a chance to spend too much time on the set, besides just visits that were fun for her to come meet everybody and see how the whole process works. Other than that, we didn’t have creative discussions. Everything is very much in the book.

Pattinson: Stephenie was very generous in allowing us to have free reign over the material. She gave her approval in the beginning and basically allowed us to do whatever we felt like doing, I guess. It’s a very different process. She had never really worked in film before, I guess. She allowed us to do our thing, and I really appreciated it.

What do you think about the comparison between "Harry Potter" series and the "Twilight’ series?

Pattinson: The main difference in "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" is "Harry Potter" is set over this entire fantastical universe, whereas "Twilight’ is such an intimate story, and it’s really only about three people. Until the later books, there’s very little mention of fantasy, lore or anything like that. It’s much more about sexuality and sensuality as well, which I don’t think comes up that much in "Harry Potter."

How did you prepare for the role? Robert, you went into seclusion. Did you enjoy that?

Pattinson: I did just kind of keep myself to myself, I guess … Did I want to talk to anyone? No, not really. It’s quite nice. It’s very difficult to get an opportunity to close yourself away from everything for a long time. It helps on the concentration. I actually enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to doing it for "New Moon."

Stewart: As far as preparation, Bella wasn’t a massive departure. It wasn’t like I was playing a really distinct character that was far from myself. One thing I wanted to be mindful of is that I’m quite nervous and fidgety, and she has a much more steady energy than I do, which is interesting because when she meets Edward, she’s sort of thrown off. She’s quite steady then all of a sudden when she meets him, she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Reading the book and spending time with this guy [Robert Pattinson] and getting on the same page on what it feels like to touch a vampire and what they smell like and what I smell like and how close they have to be to feel each other energy.

Lautner: For me, a lot of the preparation came from just reading the book, because that’s the source material … Also for me, Jacob is from the Quileute tribe, so I met with some real Quileute tribal members and got to have some discussions and learn some things, especially with kids my age so I could. But I did have a lot more preparation involved for "New Moon."

Why do you think vampires are in so appealing in pop culture?

Pattinson: I guess I should probably answer that. There are certainly different reasons. I don’t know how popular gothic fiction was thousands of years ago, but I didn’t realize how many actual fans there were now. People are very, very passionate about how vampires are portrayed as well, which is really bizarre to me … Definitely what I thought of "Twilight," the appeal of it, was having this demi-god, all-powerful creature which is actually dependent on humans. I don’t know if it’s a random way of saying it. But they’re always equated with sensuality because you have to bite those necks. They’re all about charisma. I don’t really know. I’m just kind of rambling. [He laughs.]

Stewart: One thing that occurred to me recently was ... but for some people — not everybody — are very afraid of change. It’s a very desirable thing to think you can be this perfect thing forever. Literally, nothing changes, the look of you, anything. I think that’s wrong. Even in our story, it proves to be wrong. This 108-year-old vampire that has been very consistently the same is all of a sudden, his whole is turned upside down. So maybe that’s a desirable thing: You never have to change; you can be perfect forever. But I don’t even think that’s even true for vampires.

Lautner: I think Rob is the best person to ask that question, because based on all the girls’ reactions, he just did a fine job of making a sexy vampire come to life.



Paris Hilton in New Moon?

Hollywood nobody Paris Hilton has been pestering Robert Pattinson to get her a part in New Moon, according to Star magazine. She had met Pattinson at the Oscars and has since been calling him to plead for a role in the franchise.

Sources told Star: "She has also had her manager call the casting agent to lobby for a part on her behalf. She is desperate for people to take her seriously as an actress and thinks she'd be perfect to play one of the vampires. She's even willing to play a victim - she just wants in."

If Ms Hilton wants to be taken seriously as an actress, she might try the usual route: acting lessons at a performing arts school. Does she expect to just swan on to a film set with a miniature dog (and, no doubt, her British best friend) in her handbag and be taken seriously? I think not. She has no discernible talent and should be kept out of movies.

Meanwhile, spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona is to helm the third movie in the Twilight vampire franchise based on the novels by Stephanie Meyer.

The third movie, Eclipse, is set for release on June 30, 2010. Summit Entertainment is expected to officially announce Bayona's involvement shortly, according to Variety.

Bayona (pictured) is a protégé of Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, The Hobbit) and directed the excellent Spanish language thriller The Orphanage, which was executive produced by Del Toro. Bayona is also attached to direct the thriller Hater, for Universal.

Bayona got the job on Eclipse ahead of several other directors being considered, including former Charlie's Angel star Drew Barrymore - who has just finished her directorial debut on the comedy Whip It! starring Ellen Page.

Although it sounded like a bogus piece of gossip, Barrymore confirmed she was on the shortlist for Eclipse in an interview with Access Hollywood. Other names on the list reportedly included New Moon director Chris Weitz's brother Paul and Walk the Line director James Mangold.

Catherine Hardwicke directed the first Twilight film, and was replaced by The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz for the second film, New Moon.

Production on New Moon is due to start shortly with the key actors - Robert Pattinson as Edward, Kristen Stewart as Bella and Taylor Lautner as Jacob - reprising their roles. It's set for release on November 20 this year.


Twilight Saga: Juan Antonio Bayona Set to Direct Eclipse?

With the Twilight sequel New Moon under two weeks away from starting production in Vancouver, it appears Summit Entertainment is set to tap Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona to helm the third Twilight adaptation, Eclipse. The new director news for Eclipse comes via Variety despite the fact that Summit has not issued an official confirmation. As reported by Variety, Twilight fans should know soon, "Summit, which had no comment Wednesday, is expected to make the official announcement soon. The minimajor recently gave "Eclipse" a release date of June 30, 2010."

Although some Twilight and New Moon fans may not be familiar with the previous films of Bayona, Eclipse readers can watch the 2008 horror movie The Orphanage, directed by Juan Antonio, to see how the Bayona style will mesh with the Stephenie Meyer based Eclipse, which will star Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner.

However, fans of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse should also take note that Juan Antonio Bayona has worked under stylistic visualist director Guillermo Del Toro who helmed the Hellboy movies, the visually ominous Pan's Labyrinth, and the upcomming Hobbit. So what does all of this mean for the tone of the Stephenie Meyer Based Eclipse? It certainly indicates that after New Moon closes up Twilight shop, Eclipse, from a visual directing standpoint, may be much more stylistic and deliberate in exposing the darker qualities of the Twilight saga in terms of fear and suspenseful tension. The Bayona film The Orphanage was one of the better, well-constructed horror films of 2008.

So what does this say about all of the recent Twilight rumors that suggested Drew Barrymore and director Paul Weitz, brother of New Moon director Chris Weitz, were on tap to direct Eclipse?

Aside from a lot of wasted white background with Eclipse related black text in recent weeks, it's a reminder for fans to still take any Twilight headlines with a "?" lightly until Summit officially sounds off. In the case of Juan Antonio Bayona tapped to direct the third Twilight adaptation, Eclipse, Variety wouldn't be reporting it if there wasn't something credibly Twilight to it.

By Larson Hill


Robert Pattinson on Girls, Gettin' Naked & Joe Jonas

Robert Pattinson's on the cover of April’s GQ looking dapper and relatively clean, if also a bit confused.

It's this state of nervous confusion, and not cleanliness ("his clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he," the writer notes), that carries over into the interview, where the actor rambles on and on.

Not that we're complaining, because he touches on just about everything you'd want to know.

So lady rumors first...

As he says, "There’s literally not a single [true] story that could be written about me." And he would know, he's up-to-date on all the Internet gossip since he loves to read about himself "out of a kind of masochistic narcissism."

According to Pattz, it's not true, then, that he's dating some Brazilian model named Annelyse ("I’ve never met her") or trying to steal Camilla Belle from a Jonas Brother ("No. I mean, yeah, yeah, I’m friends with Camilla”) or actually proposed to Kristen Stewart ("I said that in some interview, as a joke—‘Oh, I proposed to her multiple times.’ And then it gets printed: ‘On the set, he proposed multiple times.’ ").

As far as playing the moody emo-vampire Edward Cullen, he owes his initial success to Valium, which he popped before going into the audition. But after that, he read up on the Twilight world and came prepared to bring it. “If you met a guy like [Edward] in real life," he says, "you’d think he was kind of dorky." So he tried to play him more edgy and cool, if that's even possible when suffering from a sparkly skin condition.

His next movie, Little Ashes, a Spanish indie film in which he plays a young Salvador Dalí, is significantly less Twilighty, but that will probably be OK with most of his fans, given this sale: “I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing. I had to do all this naked stuff.”

Of course, that was filmed pre-Edward Cullen, and he doesn't have anything lined up after Stephenie Meyers’ tale finally comes to an end. In fact, he says he doesn't even care if it's more acting.

“I’m not massively concerned about doing lots of acting jobs,” he says. “If it all just went, right now, I’d be like, ‘All right. I don’t really care.’ That’s probably a stupid thing to say. But I don’t, really. I think it’d be much worse to do a load of stuff that’s really bad. Because then you can’t go into another career. If you’ve made an idiot out of yourself, you’re never going to be taken seriously, as a lawyer or something, if you’re, like, a joke actor. The only thing I want from anything is to not be embarrassed.”

We don't know if we believe he doesn't care about the whole acting thing, but frankly, he can say whatever he wants, especially things like this:

“OK,” he says. Deep breath. “I f--ked Joe Jonas...I love him.”

Oh, that Rob Pattz, so racy.


New Moon movie begins filming, Twilight fans have high expectations, can Chris Weitz deliver?

The film is beginning to roll, and expectations are high.

Consensus says that Twilight Saga fans have very high expectations for the quality of New Moon. Not only do we want good acting from Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast, but we want good direction also.

Returning alongside the actors to the second installment of the Twilight Saga is Melissa Rosenberg, who some say is to blame for some of the disappointment fans had with the first movie.

Some fans even say that they will not return for the confirmed third part Eclipse if Chris Weitz and the cast don't improve the series through the second bat with New Moon.

Others are thrilled, saying they loved Twilight the movie and just can't wait to sink their teeth in (pun intended) New Moon.

This examiner is a little of both.

As the wonderful fans have pointed out, there were a few points in Twilight the movie that could have seriously been improved. Most say the "meadow scene," which Stephenie Meyer has said was her original inspiration for writing the book (a dream about two lovers in a meadow) Twilight, was inadequate and rushed. The famous "lion and lamb" quote was too soon.

Personally, I think that there were a few things missing from Twilight... and I don't want to see it happen again. Also, I think there were some parts that were added unnecessarily to take up the precious space we could've used to extend the meadow scene and the conversations between Edward and Bella or to see more about the Cullens, or to include the scene with Carlisle's painting, etc. (the list goes on).

The many things that simply cannot get lost in the shuffle are continuing to be debated, and the consensus is strong. We Twilight Series fans refuse to see New Moon lose some of its literary luster in the shuffle becoming a movie. While we understand that it is hard to translate a first-person perspective novel with little dialogue into a movie, we don't want to see the actual dialogue disappear, and certainly not the important events. We are fine to watch a three-hour movie if it will deliver to our expectations. In other words, New Moon should be made for the Twilight fans, not for commercial value, because - in case they haven't caught the memo - there are millions of us.


Fan-made trailer for New Moon earns approval of Twilight fans

It’s not long now until director Chris Weitz will sink his teeth into the vampire romance of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, with shooting on the sequel set to kick off sometime this month (the 23rd according to Stewart). And they’d better get a wriggle on with the official release date (20th November in the US, a week later on the 27th for us here in the UK) already confirmed for the Twilight sequel. However unable to wait for an official sneak peak at the film, Twifans all over the world have been going nuts on video site YouTube making their own fan-made trailers in the countdown to November. Some are inevitably better than others, but one that has stood out amongst fans is the one produced by tiffanyd666.

Since the two-minute video was added last summer, it’s tallied up nearly four million views and is still going strong. The popularity for this trailer is unprecedented, with it becoming the 93rd most favourited clip on the site and the ninth top rated clip in the Film & Animation category. And there’s no questioning tiffanyd666’s devotion to the Stephenie Meyer novels as her profile page is chock-a-block with Twilight fan-mania. Her favourite music is Brit rock band Muse, a credited inspiration for Meyer with their anthem “Supermassive Black Hole” a fantastic backdrop to the Cullen baseball scene and her favourite books? Take a wild guess.

What may surprise you is that this YouTube phenomenon isn’t made by some Hollywood mogul with an alias, but is actually made by a 19-year-old Australian named Tiffany. And with over 10,000 subscribers and over 3,500 on her friends list, we’d hazard a guess and say people like her trailers.

The trailer itself has to be commended, it looks and feels like a real movie trailer making incredible use of footage from previous films starring Kristen Stewart such as The Messengers and Speak. One major change that fans will notice though is that the beloved character of Jacob Black is portrayed by Steve Strait (10,000 BC) instead of Taylor Lautner who played the role in Twilight and after much public debate secured the role once again for New Moon. Why? Simply because there isn’t much footage of Lautner online, what with him being quite the newcomer, although fans aren’t too upset as Strait was actually Stephenie Meyer’s first choice for the role of Jacob.

Supporters of the video have been eager to heap praise on the trailer with comments including: “This is the best fan-made trailer I’ve seen,” and “Wow! This video is great. If it hadn’t said “fan-made” I never would have guessed. Awesome job!”

With slick editing and sweeping music, the fan-made trailer really gives you goose bumps and it will be interesting to see just how well the real trailer performs in comparison. One thing is known for sure though, The Twilight Saga: New Moon release date is definitely on the Boxwish calendar.


‘New Moon’s’ Taylor Lautner To Robert Pattinson Fans: ‘I Love You Guys’

Twilight” star Taylor Lautner will showcase his bulked-up body in a big-time role in the series’ next film, “New Moon,” and he’s hoping that fans will embrace his character, Jacob, the way they did Robert Pattinson’s Edward.

“I’m telling fans to go see ‘New Moon’ at least one more time than you saw ‘Twilight’ and all will be good,” he told E! Online.

“I’m getting a little nervous,” he added. “But I’m so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/Edward fans. I know we wouldn’t…be here filming ‘New Moon’ and filming [third sequel] ‘Eclipse’ if it wasn’t for them.”

And while things heat up between Jacob, a werewolf, and Kristen Stewart’s Bella in the second film, he told E! that the “New Moon” on-screen adaptation would accurately follow Stephenie Meyer’s book – so a kiss between the pair is unlikely for now.

“Maybe you’ll see a little bit more action in the third [movie],” Taylor said. “I’m excited for that.”

The back-to-back films are expected in November 2009 and June 2010, with an adaptation of the saga’s final book, “Breaking Dawn,” yet to be announced. Rumored directors for “Eclipse” have included Drew Barrymore and Paul Weitz, the brother of “New Moon” helmer Chris.

“Now that I’ve seen this kind of passion and dedication in the fans, I wouldn’t see a reason [‘Breaking Dawn’] wouldn’t happen,” Taylor said.

In the meantime, the star is already trying to win the hearts of thousands of Edward fans.

“Don’t hate on me too much,” he said. “I love you, guys.”


Competition to visit the Italian set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon

It’s no mystery that part of Twilight sequel New Moon is to be shot in Italy. It fits the Stephenie Meyer story upon which the movie is based and the cast have been happily talking up the news to the press (“We go to Italy… They finally confirmed it… You can’t fake Italy. It’s one place you can’t fake,” revealed Ashley Greene, aka Alice Cullen recently). And to celebrate the likes of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and co., touching down in the country known as The Boot, the film’s Italian distributor Eagle Pictures is giving two lucky people the chance to visit the European set.

So, how does this competition work? It’s only open to Italian natives and is run in association with other Eagle Pictures films such as Chris Evans actioner Push (which also stars Dakota Fanning, who has just been confirmed as Volturi vampire Jane in New Moon). Confirmed details are sketchy so far but the general gist is that any cinema ticket purchased to see Push between 27th March and April 5th in an Italian cinema is valid and should simply be sent off in the post to be put into the competition hat. Again, the address is to be confirmed and there could be other Eagle Pictures films included in the mix, such as family adventure Inkheart.

This news comes after the launch of a Canadian competition offering North American Twifans the chance to visit the Vancouver set of the movie. This competition is still open until the 20th March.


Twilight saga fans say Drew Barrymore should not direct Eclipse

As adorable as she may be, fans of the Twilight series have spoken: Drew Barrymore should not be slated to direct Eclipse, the much-anticipated summer 2010 movie.

Eclipse is the third of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, and fans were delighted to hear that it was fast-tracked for summer release (which would make it come roughly only half a year after New Moon). However, recent chatter has arisen after the rumor that Chris Weitz, slated director for November's New Moon (starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner), will not be returning to direct Eclipse.

Recently, there's been talk of Drew Barrymore, long-term actress and American sweetheart, taking the reigns of the directing. Twilight fans have spoken, and they say loud and clearly "no."

Barrymore, who is in post-production from directing Whip-It!, in her major film debut as a director, has little experience, they say. Already profoundly upset about the controversy surrounding the departure of Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight (though some fans are glad to see a change in this regard), Twilight fans not only want stability, but they want accuracy and devotion to our beloved Eclipse book.

There is plenty to do in filming Eclipse, just based on the book itself, we say. I agree, fans. While I love Drew as an actress, I am weary of putting her in the director's seat for the book-to-movie translation (which we hope is spot on) of this powerful and exciting part of the series.

Other rumors have circulated that Chris Weitz's brother has been suggested for the role. Chris, who has directed The Golden Compass and About a Boy, is already on shaky grounds with Twilight fans who are suspicious of his ability to bring the story to life for us. So who is this brother of his? You ask, I answer. Paul Weitz, director of American Pie, Down to Earth, In Good Company, and American Dreamz, is Chris's brother. Notice anything about the titles he's worked on? I did. Aside from American Pie, these all were flacid commercial pictures - not high-quality, gut-wrenching saga material like Eclipse is bound to be.

With all the director-shifting going on here, we Twilight fans are getting quite confused. Which is the worser of the two: Drew Barrymore or Paul Weitz? Is there someone else who you think should be behind the camera for Eclipse?


Paul Weitz To Direct Third ‘Twilight’ Film

Fans hoping to bring some girl power back to the “Twilight” world with possible “Eclipse” director Drew Barrymore could be in for a surprise if reports of “New Moon” director Chris Weitz’s brother, Paul Weitz, stepping in as director are true.

According to the “Twilight” fan site Twilighters.org, “Drew Barrymore will not be directing the third installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series… Due to the ‘New Moon’ post-production schedule for director Chris Weitz, his brother and co-owner of Depth of Field Productions - Paul Weitz - will be directing ‘Eclipse.’”

If Paul does get the job, he has plenty of experience to bring to the directors’ chair. He has helmed many movies, including “American Pie,” “In Good Company” and “About A Boy.”

When contacted by Access Hollywood, reps for Summit Entertain, the studio producing the “Twilight” movies, were not available for comment.

“Eclipse” is slated for a summer 2010 release.

Kristen Stewart Sets The Record Straight On ‘Twilight’ Rumors

Kristen Stewart, who plays mortal Bella Swan in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight,” is taking a bite out of the rumors about Robert Pattinson, the Twi-hard fan base, the Oscars and the likelihood of a fourth movie in the popular vampire franchise.

In an interview with E! Online’s Marc Malkin, Kristen debunked reports that she had an off-screen romance with co-star Robert Pattinson.

“Rob and I are great friends. But I understand why you would assume that when we lean on each other for support, there must be something more…And I’m not criticizing anyone for thinking it, either. If anything, they’re really perceptive, because they can see a closeness,” the “Twilight” beauty noted.

In fact, Kristen said it was the dedicated fans that saw this on-screen closeness, and hoped that it would bleed over in to real life.

“I love the fans,” she explained. “I feel like I am one of the fans and any direct interaction I’ve ever had with them has been the most warm and pleasant and enthusiastic. If anything, it’s the biggest driving force that could propel you to do something.”

Yet, the frenzy created by the “Twilight” fans, at times, could be overwhelming.

“It’s not normal for me to be in a situation that ‘Twilight’ puts you in,” Kristen continued. “It’s not personally normal for me to see 5,000 screaming girls. But I’m not criticizing them for being ‘crazy’ about me. I’m sort of going, ‘Wow, this is just crazy!’”

Kristen also set the record straight on why Robert presented at the Oscars, without her. According to Kristen, she wasn’t asked.

“If I was invited to the Oscars, I would be there in a nanosecond,” she tells E! “If I got an invitation to the Oscars, I wouldn’t turn it down!”

Now that the second film, “New Moon,” is about to start production and the third film, “Eclipse,” is in development, many are wondering if there will be a fourth.

“We all really hope there is going to be a number four,” Kristen admitted. “I’m pretty confident that the fans aren’t going to all of a sudden lose interest. The only case that a fourth one wouldn’t be made is if all of a sudden people stopped caring, and I really don’t think that’s going to happen.”

With her role in “Twilight,” and new projects including “The Runways” and “Adventureland,” Kristen couldn’t be happier.

“There’s really no better position for me to be in right now in my life, and I am entirely grateful,” she said.


Twilight Update: Dakota Fanning Officially Cast as Jane in New Moon

After weeks of speculation, it appears that Dakota Fanning has officially been cast as Jane in the Twilight sequel New Moon. After word came down the Twilight pike last week from New Moon casting director Joseph Middleton that the official casting on the Twilight sequel New Moon was complete, it was only a matter of days before we'd hear whether the Dakota Fanning New Moon rumor was true. And according to Twilighters Anonymous, the official Dakota Fanning casting of Volturi guard Jane was announced by Summit Entertainment via e-mail to the subscribers of Twilightthe Movie.com.

The exclusive Twilight subscriber announcement about Dakota Fanning stepping into the Volturi guard role of Jane came with an accompanying image with the announcement "Dakota Fanning Joins New Moon" with the subheading words "Acclaimed actress Dakota Fanning has officially joined the cast. And will play fan favorite Jane in The Twilight Saga: New Moon."

However, despite the announcement, the news section of the official Summit Entertainment website still features the Eclipse release date press release. So, we'll see what happens in the next 24 hours.

Rumors about Dakota Fanning landing a role in New Moon have been circulating for weeks, with Fanning admitting that the speculation was more than just rumor while speaking to the press, including one of our Deadbolts, at the press junket for Coraline a few weeks ago. When asked about whether she'd met Twilight and New Moon author Stephenie Meyer and the cast members Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Dakota revealed, "I’ve met Kristin Stewart, and I met some of the other cast members, as well. And yeah, I hope I get to work with them. I’m a really big fan of all of them." When asked about whether we'll see a Dakota Fanning as a vampire, Fanning admitted, " I think that would be great. I’m an evil vampire at that, if I were to do it, which is even more fun, I think."

But when the press asked Dakota about how we'll be able to see her in a New Moon role as compared to her sweet image, Fanning was quick to point out, "Yes, but I can be sweet little Dakota Fanning here, and then I can be something different in the movies. And that’s what I love."

Let's hope we see the wider official Dakota Fanning New Moon casting press release from Summit in the next few hours.

by Larson Hill


Kristen Stewart's not a Twilight fan

Robert Pattinson presented an award at the Oscars, but where was his Twilight co-star Kirsten Stewart?

She may be the star of a massively successful movie, but it turns out Kristen's not so proud of her work in the teen vampire flick.

When Access Hollywood asked Kristen's father John Stewart why his daughter wasn't joining her co-star on stage, John replied that she would only host at the Oscars "when it's a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money".


Kristen must be really looking forward to working on the next three Twilight films... Unless of course she ditches them for something more arty. Somehow we don't think Twilight fans would let her go that easily.

Kristen still drives her beat up old car



Vanessa Hudgens Talks About 'New Moon' Casting Rumor

With many still wondering on her status in "The Twilight Saga's New Moon", Vanessa Hudgens finally comes clean about the circulating rumor, linking her to Leah Clearwater character. At the 2009 Oscars, the "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" starlet told Mario Lopez of "Extra" that the speculation is "still a rumor".

Though clearing up the rumor, the 20-year-old admitted that she still keeps her hope on joining the "Twilight" sequel. "I'm really interested," she fessed up, adding, "I think it's a great project but nothing's happening as of now." Asked further whether she is a fan of the first film, she responded, "Yes love it. My sister has read all of the books, too."

Back in early February, the possibility of Hudgens starring as Leah Clearwater in "New Moon" has been shot down by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg when revealing that the particular character won't be seen at least until "Eclipse". "I'm not sure about [final] casting but I had heard Vanessa Hudgens was going up for the part of Leah [Clearwater, a werewolf]," said the scribe. "But at the moment, the part of Leah doesn't happen until the third movie."

"The Twilight Saga's New Moon", the official title recently given to Stephenie Meyer's adapted "New Moon", itself is a sequel to the hit 2008 vampire drama "Twilight". It will follow Bella Swan as she deals with her personal conflicts following Edward Cullen's abrupt departure. Expected to start the principal photography in mid-March in Vancouver for a November 20 U.S. release, this Summit Entertainment movie will have Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and other original stars reprising their roles.


Third "Twilight" Film Gets Release Date

Summit Entertainment, the American film studio behind the release of the first "Twilight" film, has already announced the release date for the third installment in the "Twilight" saga. "Eclipse" will hit theaters on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

The first sequel, "New Moon", is only in pre-production with a release date set for November 20, 2009, but the studio is already moving forward the follow-up. Melissa Rosenberg, who penned the screenplays for both "Twilight" and "New Moon", is already working on the script for "Eclipse", consulting with the saga's literary author Stephenie Meyer.

"Twilight" has grossed over $189 million domestically and over $363 million worldwide. "New Moon", the first sequel, reunites Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. "Twlight" hits DVD and Blu-ray March 21st.


Cree actor in Twilight sequel

Twilight fans will get some CanCon with their vampire love story when the movie sequel New Moon opens in November.

Vancouver-born actor Bronson Pelletier will play a "significant role," a source has told the Star, insisting on anonymity pending final confirmation this week.

The source added there were "a few" Canadians on the new film, which reunites stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Stephenie Meyer's vampire-human tale.

Pelletier, who is part Cree and in his early 20s, has appeared in Discovery Kids' DinoSapien and Global TV's Renegadepress.com.

By: Linda Barnard


Robert Pattinson After "Twilight"

What role is next on Pattinson’s agenda?

Many people do not remember that Robert Pattinson played the role of Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” and was killed off. Now, he can't go unrecognized while walking down the street after taking the role as Edward Cullen in Stephenie Meyer’s book “Twilight.”

Once the “Twilight” saga ends, what’s next for the 22-year-old? MTV News asked Pattinson if he was going to get anything out of his Oscar appearance. “I don’t know,” he said. “I don’t know what to get out of it.”

MTV News reported Pattinson currently dropped out of his current movie, “Parts Per Billion.” As a result, he has been booked until the end of 2010 for the “Twilight” sequels. Is he ever going to play a role other than a vampire heartthrob?

“I have a gap in between, so I might do something in there, maybe,” he told MTV News about a small break between “New Moon” and “Eclipse” in late 2009. “I'm just relieved that I can kind of do anything [different].”

Before he got his fame through “Twilight,” Pattinson filmed a Salvador Dalí film, “Little Ashes,” which is set to release on May 8. Since he became famous overnight, Hollywood has been giving him many options to pursue other movies. Nevertheless, he does not know which script he will choose next out of the bunch.

“I don't know, just scripts randomly appeal to me,” he explained to MTV News. “I'm not looking specifically at any genre.”

Although millions of fans would disagree, Pattinson never thought of himself as a “heartthrob.” He believes he never had the personality to fit the mold of a sex symbol.

“I don't know if I could ever be cast in a heartthrob role except for ‘Twilight,’” he said. “And I didn't even know that was a heartthrob role.”

Written by: Stephanie DeLuca


How Will Taylor Lautner Become Jacob Black in New Moon?

With casting still underway on New Moon, the second film adaptation in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Saga, one of the major characters of the story, Jacob Black, played by young actor Taylor Lautner in the first film, returns in expanded capacity for the second Twilight movie. In New Moon the role of Jacob Black becomes much more important as Lautner’s character evolves not only in physical form but emotionally as well. Although Taylor Lautner and Jacob factored into Twilight in the midst of the relationship between the Edward and Bella characters of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Lautner will need to dig much deeper to become Jacob Black for New Moon.

As much as New Moon focuses on the loss of Edward and the effect that it has on Kristen Stewart’s Bella, Jacob’s importance not only with his transformation but also his developing relationship with Bella, comes to the forefront of the story. One of the biggest challenges that the New Moon casting team faced was whether or not to continue with Taylor Lautner and have him to reprise his role as the much beloved Jacob. Fans of the Twilight series were adamant that Lautner continue to portray Jacob although the physical challenges of the second cinematic adaptation would be hard to overcome. After careful consideration, Stephanie Meyer, author of the series, and Chris Weitz, director of New Moon, confirmed with Summit Entertainment that Taylor Lautner would indeed return to play Jacob Black.

The real challenge, however, now lies in transforming the boy into the man. In the New Moon novel, Jacob Black is struggling with the physical changes in addition to weighty, burdensome internal conflict about what he is becoming. Loyalty and trust are conflicts that Jacob has to endure not only within himself but also with his family and friends. As a teenage boy, Lautner will have to find the balance between adolescence and leadership with Black. While Jacob is extremely protective of Bella, and not for purely platonic reasons, Black also shares a similar conflict with Edward Cullen. Both boys love Bella and vow to protect her no matter the circumstances. Jacob knows that Bella’s heart will never belong to him, but his desire to be with her is only paralleled by Bella’s need for his friendship and presence to fill the void that Edward has left. Jacob goes from fun-loving friend to a protective quasi-boyfriend.

While the emotional role of Jacob depends on the interpretation of Taylor Lautner, the physical part of his role remains as the much larger question mark. It will have to be a joint effort between the production staff and Lautner in order for the physical changes that Jacob endures in the novel to transform to the screen. There are constant references to the ever-increasing size and strength of Jacob Black in New Moon, which will be difficult to film unless it’s done sequentially, which isn’t the normal route for filmmakers to take to safeguard the third act of a film first.

Aside from the human change of Jacob in New Moon, the werewolf transformation of Black also needs to be addressed. The Twilight film was criticized by some for its lack of innovative special effects and New Moon relies heavily on the idea of split-second changes and movement, which will require a great deal of movie magic. How will Weitz and crew go about shooting the mid-air transformation by Jacob? With such a tight shooting schedule - March 23 to May 21 in Vancouver - there looks to be very little room for error for both the production and Taylor Lautner in terms of fully realizing Jacob Black. Hopefully, since I’m actually based out of Vancouver, I’ll get to see some on-set activity.

Until New Moon is released in theatres in November, fans of the Stephenie Meyer series will continue to speculate exactly how Taylor Lautner will embody the ever growing Jacob Black. While the sheer physical strain will no doubt be putting a lot of pressure on Lautner, what he brings to the movie is his previous connection to Jacob. For many fans, the fact that the production team gave Taylor the chance to bring his Jacob to life in New Moon was a welcome relief, and it is still early on and with filming not even set to start for another few weeks.

Lautner himself has stated that he has faced the physical challenges of Jacob Black head-on. However, with so much pressure on staying true to the novel’s depiction of Jacob, there are still many who speculate whether Taylor Lautner will be able to fully encompass the role even if it is purely from a physical standpoint. For now we can only wait to see what progresses with Jacob Black and how New moon will be created. As for the fans, they can only hope that Taylor Lautner can bring Jacob to life the way they imagined from the Stephenie Meyer New Moon novel. Let’s hope everyone can control themselves long enough until November 20 when New Moon bows in theaters and we can see the final result of the second manifestation of Jacob Black.

BY: Nadya Vlassoff