Twilight Stars Hit Rome

Twilight fans were able to see 20 minutes of New Moon on Thursday at the Rome Film Festival and three of the vampires were on hand for the event! Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright and Jamie Campbell Bower, along with the film's screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, appeared at the festival to present the preview of the highly anticipated film.

Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright and Jamie Campbell Bower were spotted sightseeing on Wednesday in the Italian city and one lucky fan spent the night with Charlie!

Charlie, Cameron and Jamie were all part of the filming of New Moon in Montepulciano, Italy earlier in the year.


Twilight star Taylor Lautner Interview at Scream Awards

Extra had a chance to interview Taylor at the Scream Awards.

Christian Serratos ‘Save the Seals’

Celebrities Speak Out Against the Seal Slaughter. Learn More at peta2.com.
Twilight star Christian Serratos a.k.a Angela Weber in the Twilight saga, joined the ‘Save the Seals’ Celebrity Ad Series.

Each year, the Canadian government allows sealers to beat and skin hundreds of thousands of seals. Baby seals, some merely weeks old, have their skulls smashed in or are shot for their fur. Many of these gentle animals may not even have eaten their first solid meals or taken their first swim before they are slaughtered.

We at peta2 and compassionate people worldwide—including countless Canadian citizens and a long list of celebrities, such as Sarah McLachlan, and professional athletes—are calling for a permanent end to this cruel and needless massacre.


Fashion Designers Sketch Bella Swan's Wedding Dress in Breaking Dawn


While we don't want to ruin the plot for any latent Twi-hards, ever since Eclipse started filming we've been dying for a sneak peek of Bella's wedding dress. In the meantime, we reached out to some of our favorite designers (Christian Siriano's sketch at left) to see how they envision her gown.

In Eclipse, Bella's dress is described as an early 1900s design (which complements her antique engagement ring) with friend and Maid of Honor Alice Cullen's modern tweaks to the train and veil. "You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie," Bella's mother says to the bride-to-be when she spies her in the gown in the final book, Breaking Dawn. "It's gorgeous! So graceful, so elegant."


Secrets from the Set of New Moon's Costume Designers & Beauty team.

The Star-Crossed Lovers' Style
1. EDWARD'S AMAZING HAIR: "They were a great group to work with, and they all had pretty good hair—but I have to say, Robert's was probably the best," says New Moon hairstylist Thom McIntyre. "I trimmed his hair probably every week to ten days, just to keep the cut really fresh and chopped into. When we were shooting, I restyled it once or twice a day—the look is meant to be very tousled, and I wanted to be sure it didn't lay flat."
2. BELLA'S RING: Our heroine's moonstone ring "is a carryover from the first film," says wardrobe stylist Tish Monaghan. "The props department had it copied—there were three of them."
3. STYLISH SHEETS: Bella's comforter set is from Target's Modern Home collection. While the exact pattern is sold out—though one enterprising eBay auctioneer has it up for bids—a similar style is available at Target stores.

The Look of the Volturi
1. CONTACTS: Special effects designer Cristina Patterson Ceret hand-painted each set of the contact lenses worn by the Volturi. She has also created ocular illusions for films like Memoirs of a Geisha, Superman Returns and the upcoming Alice in Wonderland.
2. NOT-SO-BASIC-BLACK FASHION: "I carefully color graded the shades of black on the characters in the chamber to show the ascent of power, with Jane [Dakota Fanning] and the other leaders being the darkest shade of all," says Monaghan. "Jane wears a custom cloak that is sweetness and sinister combined."

Jacob's Transformation
1. TINY TEES: "Jacob [Taylor Lautner] was supposed to have grown taller and really filled out, so we tailored all of the T-shirts he wore to make it seem like he was busting out of them," says Monaghan. For added effect, Lautner wore lifts in his shoes to exaggerate the height difference between Jacob and Bella.
2. TRAINING REGIMEN: "I hit the gym, got myself a personal trainer and started eating a lot," Lautner told us about becoming the bigger, buffer Jacob. "I had to be eating a minimum of 4,000 calories a day, so my trainer was always bringing me snacks." He also did strength-training exercises in his downtime on set.

Alice: The Family Fashionista
1. FASHION: "Alice [Ashley Greene] is the most stylish Cullen and she's into accessories!" declares Monaghan, who chose the crimson-hued Gala gloves because "they looked bloody cute!" (Try these Ann Taylor gloves for a similar look.) Mongahan also used accessories from Banana Republic, Ray-Ban and Lacoste to complete Alice's stylish ensembles.
2. BEAUTY: For Alice's vampire pout, makeup artist Norma Hill-Patton played up Greene's natural lip color with MAC Llipglass in the now-discontinued Plum Parfait shade (try Spite for a similar look). Hill-Patton also added extra volume to Alice's lashes using Ardell DuraLash Flare falsies in Short Black.

Bella's Must-Haves
1. FASHION: Monaghan kept Bella [Kristen Stewart] in "practical" pieces from Band of Outsiders, J Brand and tons of sneakers from Nike, Keds and Converse, a brand that Stewart often wears in real life.
2. BEAUTY: McIntyre maintained Stewart's rich brown hair color with Kerastase Bain Miroir Shampoo and Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair. "She goes through different stages in the movie—a breakup, her depression and then new motivation in her life," says McIntyre. "I used Kerastase Nutri-Sculpt Mousse when she was more carefree because it worked with the natural waves in her hair and gave it movement."


New Moon Stars Interview: Meet the Wolves Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon

Vanity Fair talks to New Moon wolf cast Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon.

Alex Meraz, who, judging from the snarling werewolf he plays in the following clip, is not one to take kindly to pestering questions. Luckily for us, he was up for discussing life on set, bonding with his pack-mates at the gym, and exactly what he thinks about each of his fellow wolves. Little Gold Men caught up with Alex on the road—literally—as he was driving through his home state of Arizona.

Little Gold Men: How did you end up getting cast in New Moon?

Alex Meraz: It was pretty conventional. I got a breakdown for an open casting call—they were looking for Native actors—and I submitted my stuff and luckily I got a role. One of the casting directors was kind of the Native American liaison. I had been cast in another one of her films. I sent her my original casting tape. She liked it, but she thought we could do better. So she brought me in to L.A., I gave it a whirl, and I eventually got the role.

Had you seen the first Twilight movie?

No, I hadn't, but after I got the role, I bought a bootlegged version and watched it while I was on set.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

The cliff diving scene was the most fun because the whole Wolf Pack was there and we were jumping off these 50-foot scaffolding things onto an air mattress. It was pretty exciting to be able to do our own stunts.

You didn't have stunt doubles at all?

No! They were pushing for it, we were pushing against; we wanted to do our own stuff. We had to train for a good two days, eight hours each day just practicing jumping, making sure we were landing safely. On the day [of shooting], we were actually jumping from a green screen cliff but it was actually taller and a little bit more dangerous because there was foliage and grass on top of it—it was a little slippery. We were fine, and it was really fun.

What was it like having to come together and bond as the Wolf Pack?

We were entirely new, and it was a lot easier. We relied on each other to get through everything. There was so much to learn, but it was organic. We spent a lot of time together at the gym, and that's what helped. As far as the original cast from Twilight, they were really cool. We didn't spend much time with them because all of our scenes were really just with the Wolf Pack. It was easy.

Taylor [Lautner] did have some experience from the first film …

His bigger role was coming in New Moon, so he was new to it, too. We kind of all learned together. Taylor's an amazing person. He really knows how to even everything out for himself—the work, the play, the socializing. He's a really smart guy. I look at him as being a little man.

What did you do during your downtime on the set?

We showed each other exercises. Taylor would show some of his workout, I would show some of mine. We'd practice martial arts tricks … just goof off! We had a great time. That's part of what our characters were like anyway. We're supposed to be frisky, friendly—like brothers. I think everyone on set was affected by it because they were always looking forward to the days when the Wolf Pack would film … everyone was really excited. They knew we were going to bring a different kind of energy.

Did you receive any guidance from any of the other actors on set?

At that point, you've got yourself a job. There's nothing that anyone else is really going to teach you. I didn't have anyone holding my hand when I did the audition. What I did to get the job is what I had to do on film. In terms of everything else that was coming with that, with the fame and all of that stuff, [director] Chris Weitz and Kristen [Stewart] had the best advice to give me.

Can you say what that was?

Not really. It was between me and them.

Fair enough. Well, have you seen the finished film?

Just scenes.

Are you going to see it with the wolves?

At this point, I don't think that's going to happen. That's what they promised us, though. [Laughs]

What was it like filming the third installment, Eclipse?

It was no pressure. The pressure was doing the job on the first one, trying to understand the character. On this one, I felt a little bit more comfortable with what I was doing. I already knew the cast, so it was a lot easier.

Has much changed since you've started filming the Twilight movies?

Well, I've got a lot more family members now! [Laughs] I don't know, people say after the movie opens things are really going to change. I'm getting a lot of meetings with really great directors and producers—people I really admire. It's a really good gig to have. The fans are amazing. They're really the ones that are changing everything for each actor.

You have thousands of Twitter followers …

I know! It's only been like a week and a half since I got my Twitter [account]! It's pretty cool. For the first week, no one believed it was me, so I had to put a picture of me holding my name. It looked like a mug shot! It was pretty ridiculous, but it's really cool knowing you have really enthusiastic fans that want to hear about what you do on a day-to-day basis.

What is it like now having all of this crazy press attention?

I've been doing a lot more interviews. I was a little more intimidated by it all about four months ago when I finished wrapping New Moon, but I've been doing smaller interviews and going to red-carpet premieres and things like that. I've gotten used to it; I call it my new "norm." But a few months ago I was pretty terrified. It was shocking to me. Now it's part of what I have to do. This franchise demands it. I had to do classes—P.R. classes—just recently. That kind of strengthened all that! I just try to have fun and be myself.

Are you up for some wordplay? Please give me one word that describes some of the New Moon actors starting with the Wolf Pack. OK, Bronson Pelletier [who plays “Jared”] …

Aw, man. [Laughs] Jokester!

Kiowa Gordon [aka “Embry Call”].

Bewilderment. [Laughs] He's always thrust in these crazy situations that … he's pretty young. At 19, I didn't have these crazy things. I mean, I'm 24—I consider myself a man. I have a wife, a son, and I've had some practical life experience. This kid just got thrown into it, so it's new to him. To me he always has this bewilderment about him.

Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”].

He'll know what this means. Vespa. Scooter.

Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”]

Taylor! Loyal.

Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”].

One word is really hard. I would say … intuitive.

Chaske Spencer [“Sam Uley”].

Aw man, love him. Wisdom.

Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].

Aw, she's awesome. I would say badass.

Rob Pattinson [“Edward Cullen’].



Wolf Day continues. Having posted an interview with Alex Meraz, who plays a lupine Quileute Indian in Twilight: New Moon, earlier today, VF.com brings you an exclusive Q&A with one of the youngest members of the Wolf Pack: Kiowa Gordon. Unlike his cast mates, Kiowa had never acted before this movie. We recently called him at his home of Scotsdale, Arizona—we apologize for waking him up—where he talked about how Twilight author Stephenie Meyer handpicked him for the role, and promised his female fans that it’s O.K. to come closer: he doesn’t bite. (Don’t believe it.)

Little Gold Men: Can you tell us a little bit about your Native American descent?

Kiowa Gordon: Our tribe is called the Hualapai, and we are in Northern Arizona. We sit on top of the Grand Canyon and used to live there [on the reservation] about ten years ago. We take frequent trips back.

New Moon is your first film. What was the casting process like?

They had an open casting call here in Phoenix, and I auditioned. I was going to
church with my mom out in Cave Creek, and Stephenie Meyer goes to church with her. She kind of helped me out on that one.

Did Stephenie suggest you?

Yes, she told production, I think, and got me some sides to do the audition.

So you never acted before this?


Did you want to be an actor?


Did you know anyone in the cast before you started?

No, I just met Alex [Meraz] at the auditions.

How did the wolves come together as a pack?

They got us a personal trainer, and we just went to the workouts and got to know each other. We saw each other’s strengths and pushed each other’s buttons; we really bonded during that time. We’d go out to eat a lot and watch movies …

Which movies?

Anything that we agreed upon! We all like Inglourious Basterds. That was really good.

How would you all get revved up before a scene?

We just took off our robes, put our game faces on, and did what we do best.

So you spent a fair amount of time being topless.

Yeeeeep! It was really freezing when we first got to Vancouver.

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

I call it the “muffin scene.” It’s right after Bella finds out we’re all werewolves, and we take her to Emily’s house while Jacob, Paul, and Sam are off in the woods taking care of some wolf business.

And you eat muffins.

Yeah. A lot.

What kind?

Some weird bran muffins. They didn’t taste so good!

What do you do on set when you have downtime?

I sit and think about what we’re doing that day, think about the scene. I listen to music and try to focus.

What kind of music are you into these days?

This band that Chaske got me into called Phoenix. And also Grizzly Bear.

Did anyone on set take you under their wing or give you any good advice?

Just the Wolf Pack. We all helped each other along and gave each other advice.

Has anyone tried to prepare for what’s coming once the film is out?

They’re trying! They keep telling me that it’s going to be a lot crazier than what I’ve seen. They keep telling me that I can’t go outside of my house. I just think it’s nonsense.

Are people recognizing you already in Arizona?

Sometimes, yeah. They just look away and start laughing and whispering to their friends, but I know what they talk about because I can overhear.

Have you seen the finished film yet?

No. I saw the rough cut with Stephenie a couple of months ago. It was really good. I’m sure it’ll be 100 times better when it comes out.

What’s it been like filming the third installment, Eclipse?

It was a lot more fun being with the guys this time around. We already knew each other, had new stuff to talk about, a new director, and we actually had some scenes with the Cullens [the saga’s main vampire clan].

Do you have any other projects lined up?

In May, I’m going to be filming this new movie called Into the Darkness. It’s a horror thriller.

So, what do you want to say to the fans who are afraid to approach you? The giggling ones.

It’s fine for them to approach me. I’m not going to bite!

Give me one word to describe each actor: Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”].


Bronson Pelletier [“Jared”].

[Laughs] Jokester!

Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”].


Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].


Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”].


Chaske Spencer [“Sam Uley”].



New Stills from New Moon

E!Online has 11 new picures of New Moon movie. Could the one below of Edward & Bella be when she’s dreaming/seeing her “grandmother”?

See the 11 stills Here.


Taylor Lautner Accepting Twilight Scream Award Video

New Moon star Taylor Lautner's Acceptance Speech for Twilight at 2009 Scream Awards.

Never-Before-Seen Latest “New Moon” Trailer

As Edward breaks Bella’s heart, the trailer expands on the relationship that develops between Kristen Stewart’s Bella and Taylor Lautner’s Jacob and also shows scenes from the wolf pack’s attack on the vampire vixen Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) and Laurent (Edi Gathegi).

The most anticipated scene has an upset Edward (hunky Robert Pattinson back in his vampire makeup!) sending Jacob flying through the forest, and shows Jacob’s transformation into the werewolf.
value="true" />

Jackson Rathbone's 100 Monkeys band to be on 'Eclipse' Soundtrack?

'It's been talked about,' Rathbone says of including his band's tunes on the soundtrack of the third 'Twilight' installment.

Unlike the "Twilight" soundtrack, the collection for "New Moon" — which hit stores Friday — did not include any music created by actors in the film. For those who remember, "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke pushed for the songs "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign" by Robert Pattinson to be included in the film.

But as many Twi-hards know, Pattinson isn't the only star from the saga with musical talent. Fellow vampire Jackson Rathbone has a band as well, 100 Monkeys, who were recently announced to be creating the soundtrack for his indie film "Girlfriend." Not to be outdone by Pattinson, Rathbone shared with us that his group would also submit songs for potential inclusion on the "Eclipse" soundtrack.

"It's been talked about, but it's one of those things," Rathbone said when asked if he had been approached to have songs on the previous soundtracks. "We're going to be kind of giving some of our songs off of our upcoming album for them to see if they want to put on 'Eclipse.' "

Earlier this year, Rathbone talked with MTV about having a song on the "New Moon" soundtrack.

"We'd love it," Rathbone said. "[But] we're not really pushing for it. It's one of those things where if they want to put our song on the album, I'm not going to complain."

When we talked to him on the set of "Girlfriend," he echoed similar sentiments.

"It's one of those things that we're not really pressing for it, because we just love making music. We love playing live and we just have so much fun doing it, that for us it's all about the performance and not so much the marketing," he said.

To some, the chance to have their music exposed on what is expected to be a huge blockbuster like next summer's "Eclipse" would not be something to be taken lightly, but Rathbone was more concerned about pleasing his fans than money or fame.

"We believe in any marketing that we do, we give all the marketing to the fans because it's what they want," he said, referencing a contest 100 Monkeys will be having on their Web site that will allow the fans to vote on the cities they want the band to perform in. "They're supporting us. Without them we'd be living on bread and water alone."



Ashley Greene: Fashion on 60 Seconds of Style

Instyle.com has a new video with Ashley Greene where talks about her laid-back style
and the secret behind her impossibly glowy skin.

Watch it HERE!

Twilight starTaylor Lautner Interview at Scream Awards

Extra had a chance to interview Taylor at the Scream Awards.

Twilight Exclusive Eclipse title treatment on Twitter Challenge

The Twilight Saga movies Official Twitter account put a challenge for us. They will release an exclusive Eclipse Title treatmentn once they get 200 thousands followers.

Follow Official Twitter account Here.

ReelzChannel: Where Vampire Myths started

ReelzChannel breaks it down to where vampire myths were started:

Empire’s 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Empire has published their list of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars and some Twilight cast members have made their way to the top of women’s and men’s Sexiest Movie Stars list!

Kristen Stewart #7
Most alluring as… Em Lewin in Adventureland – sparky, human, and plenty sexy, in a surly, take-no-shit kinda way.

Ashley Greene is #32
Most alluring as… Prescient vampire chick, Alice Cullen.

Robert Pattinson at #2
Most alluring as… Gotta be Edward Cullen, with all that restrained passion and the penchant for melting glances.

Taylor Lautner at #35
Most alluring as… Jake-abs. Specifically, whenever he’s topless in Twilight. So for the most part, whenever he’s in New Moon then.

Kellan Lutz at #36
Most alluring as… He may be man of few words, but he’s in Twilight, what more do you need? Off the silver screen he does seem to have attracted a large female fanbase who squeal uncontrollably with delight so he’s doing something right.



Kirsten Prout as New Vampire Lucy in Twilight saga Eclipse

Kirsten Prout is Eclipse’s Lucy

Kyle XY actress Kirsten Prout has been cast in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as vampire Lucy.

According to BD Horror News, the 19-year-old Canadian-born actress has been cast as the tall, blond and pale vampire who is a part of Jasper’s (Jackson Rathbone) past.

Lucy the Vampire helped form a bloodsucker army along with the mood-manipulator’s maker Maria (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and fellow vamp Nettie. She was later killed by Jasper and Maria after turning on them.


Myspace looking for A New Moon Red Carpet Correspondent

Myspace is giving the chance to one lucky fan to be their correspondent
for the red carpet of New Moon movie premiere!

To enter you just have to friend Myspace.com/NewMoonPremiere profile and then submit a comment in 150 words or less why your the biggest fan and should win.

For more info and official rules check out Myspace.com/NewMoonPremiere

The Twilight Saga: New Moon Trailer in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Musician Amy Kuney Obsessed with Robert Pattinson

Singer/songwriter, Amy Kuney, has just posted a funny parody video of Miley Cyrus “Obsessed” about her obsession with Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Sage on her YouTube channel:


Kristen Stewart Goes From Vampires To The Marines

If James Woods has his way, Kristen Stewart's next movie will be An American Girl with the Twilight star in the lead role as a Marine.

Woods told ComingSoon.net that when he bought the script for An American Girl last year he immediately thought of Stewart and this was before Twilight made her a superstar. She's told him she definitely wants to do it, said Woods who will produce and costar in the flick.

The role will have Stewart playing a small town girl who joins the Marines just to escape a sex tape scandal at home. She unexpectedly excels in the military but is also injured in the line of duty and returns home a changed woman.

It is a "slam dunk Oscar for her," Woods said.

An American Girl won't be Stewart's first break from Twilight's Bella Swan.

In between shooting New Moon and Eclipse (which is currently in production), she squeezed in the Joan Jett biopic, The Runaways.


Julia Jones Gets Her Introduction To The World of Twilight Mania

Julia Jones is one of the Twilight newcomers but that didn't stop fans and photographers from converging on the actress as she departed Vancouver International Airport Friday afternoon.

The 28-year-old Boston native got her first brush with celebrity when she appeared in four of the final episodes of ER last year but as popular as that classic TV drama was, it barely scratched the surface in the fame game compared to Twilight.



Tinsel Korey Picture as Emily with a Scar

At Twilight Convention, Tinsel Korey portrays the character of Emily in Twilight saga displayed the first look picture of how she will look like as Emily in New Moon movie:



The Official Twilight Convention has now added and expanded to more cities for their 2010 Twilight tour!


Charlie Bewley a.k.a. Demetri Interview

Vampire Villain Charlie Bewley who played the role of Demetri talks to Hollywood.com about New Moon and being famous because of Twilight Fame.

Charlie Bewley won’t say how old he is.

He also won’t elaborate on the details of his seemingly scandal-heavy past, which he alludes to frequently, nebulously describing it as “erratic, risky, bread-line. High highs, low lows." In passing, he mentions turbulent romances and family dramas, and says he doesn’t really drink anymore, but keeps mum on the reasons why. He is decidedly mysterious.

“I have to be,” Bewley says.

What’s known is that Bewley is a British expat who worked several snow seasons in ski mecca Whistler after immigrating to Canada several years ago. For a time, he supported himself by driving a cab (“I had the most money out of all my friends”) and later moved to Vancouver, a two-ish-hour drive from Whistler, to pursue his acting career. The choice necessitated another move to Los Angeles in September of this year.

This is, of course, because Bewley plays the Volturi vampire Demetri in the upcoming New Moon, the second installment of the culturally permeating Twilight Saga series.

Last year’s Twilight grossed $383 million worldwide and set just as many hearts, mostly female, into hysterics with its story of forbidden human/vampire romance. The Saga’s trio of teen dream leads, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and especially Robert Pattinson, are suddenly, ridiculously famous, with their faces gracing tabloid covers on an almost weekly basis under headlines like “Rob Risks It All for Kristen.”

The Twilight series is a juggernaut running on the romantic fantasies and babysitting money of its largely teenage audience, a group that literally screams and cries for all things Twilight. The series has spawned dolls, videogames, charm bracelets and (seriously) decorative throws. But it’s the actors, no matter how bit their part, that are the franchise’s most sought after commodity.

Bewley’s role in New Moon is his first professional acting gig, and it thrusts him into the unique position of being at once both fresh to the Hollywood solar system and very, very famous in the alternative universe that is the Twilight subculture. Bewley, however, says he doesn't feel "suddenly famous" and admits he’s long dealt with being well-known, saying, cryptically, that he’s “always been fairly infamous in the circles I travel in.”

Now, he's immensely in demand among the human waves of teen girls who mobbed him while he was shooting New Moon on location in Montepulciano, Italy.

“Italy was a dream. Very surreal,” Bewley says. “I think everyone there, no matter who it was, Rob [Pattinson], Kristen [Stewart], [director] Chris [Weitz] or anyone else would say that it was an experience that they may never go through again. The hospitality of the whole thing, the way they treated us, the whole setting was so magnificent. “

“I was just swamped with 15-year-old girls wherever I went. My inner 14-year-old teenager in my head had a great time.”

While being pursued through the streets of Montepulciano by Twilight fanatics was a magical experience for him, Bewley acquiesces that there is a pressure induced by the immenseness of Twilight‘s popularity that he has yet to experience in the way that the film’s perpetually photographed leads have.

“Rob, I feel sorry for him a little bit,” Bewley says. “I feel for him, because he’s like a paparazzi fugitive right now. He can’t leave his house. He’s the most photographed person in the world.”

Bewley says it’s hard for him to say whether the attention Pattinson receives might make it difficult for the fellow Brit to enjoy his success, but that he, “can’t imagine he would ever say he wishes it didn’t happen, but it is a ridiculous thing to happen to anyone. He’s gone from zero to hero in six months, and his life is just totally turned upside down. I don’t know. I didn’t really speak to him in depth that much about it. But me in that situation, I think I just enjoy the parts of life that he can’t do right now too much.”

Those parts of life include exercising (he’s a diligent runner and also snowboards and plays rugby), not watching TV, enjoying the ability to walk out his front door without being photographed and working on his career.

“I’m not in that kind of like Zac Efron youth zone anymore,” he says, “I’m pushing through … I don’t really have time for anything else while I’m getting where I want to go. And then when I get there, I’ll start enjoying things I used to enjoy.”

The Twilight Saga offers an inevitable surge in visibility, a built-in fan base and an opportunity to work consistently while rounding out the series, making it a new actor's wildest fantasy kind of job -- albeit an intense and somewhat strange world to enter.

Admitting that it’s odd to be adored just by virtue of the (very well-known) character he plays, Bewley says, “It’s ridiculous. Like ‘I love you, I’m your biggest fan.’ How? My mum’s my biggest fan, or my sister or someone like that. They know me. [The fans are] just very not fickle. They look at you like, ‘Wow, he’s attractive.’

He is attractive, and with appearances in all three of the upcoming Twilight Saga films (November’s New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, slated for 2010 and 2011, respectively), audiences will have a plethora of opportunities to see so for themselves.

“In Eclipse, you’re not going to see much, but Breaking Dawn is an opportunity for me to really show his power and if they allow me to just let loose. It’s really exciting.”

"He," of course, is Demetri, Bewley’s vampire alter ego. He describes his character as, “vicious, aggressive, dark and efficient. Lethal. But at the same time, he’s not evil; just by our standards, the things he does are evil.”

The way Bewley sees it, Demetri “has a lot of misplaced energy, or a lot of unused energy, and that kind of manifests in his behavior. When I first started thinking about the character, I did the whole animal thing, and I just worked out that he was this killer housecat -- just in the way he is and his attention is fairly ADD. But his attention is always towards something that’s moving or something that’s happening, and he wants to be part of that and he wants to get his hand on it. It’s constant. He just wants to run or chase. But he’s very kind of confined within this sort of mafioso arrangement that the Volturi coven is. He’s contained. And he just wants to go. And this is since Jane and Alec have come on the scene, because they are now the heads, and there’s no more fighting, so he’s kind of bored. He’s looking for action.”

Prior to conjuring up these characteristics (he even ran Demetri’s back story by series author Stephenie Meyer), Bewley had to earn the role. He auditioned twice for Demetri and once for the role of Marcus. He was “elated” to get the part of the Volturi tracker, as he feels he and the vampire share similar qualities.

“It makes it easier, yeah, number one. Number two, I think right now, I think I just have to be, in an acting sense, fairly loyal to the energy I’ve got as a person. And right now, I’ve got a lot of energy, and I want that to be shown in everything I do. Demetri is a character who hasn’t really -- in Eclipse, you’re not going to see much, but Breaking Dawn is an opportunity for me to really show his power, and if they allow me to just let loose … it’s really exciting.”

Eclipse, the Saga’s third installment, is currently being filmed in Vancouver. The film, following the series’ habit of bringing in a new director for each installment, is being directed by David Slade, best known for the dark comedy Hard Candy and another atmospheric vampire flick, 30 Days of Night.

“Eclipse is going to be dark, and it’s going to be dreadful," Bewley says, "It’s going to be gory and brutal.”

If the hype surrounding New Moon is any indication of the success Eclipse will experience, then the third film is going to be huge, and Bewley, huger with it. He attributes the film franchise’s success thus far to one key element.

“They go insane because Rob did a really good job in the first one. That’s why they’re obsessed with vampires … Those two are just brilliant together. They really are. It’s a perfect match. No one has ever really questioned whether they were the right people or not, they’ve always just been perfect. Really well cast."

Of his co-star Kristen Stewart, often criticized in tab-blogs for being standoffish, Bewley says, “I think she could be a lot like Bella. She doesn’t want too much attention, and she picks her friends wisely and she’s someone who just wants to do her work. Not everyone is going to be like Jamie [Campbell Bower] or me or someone who loves this whole attention thing and laps it up and sees it as a life experience. Some people are more reserved, just ‘I just want to keep myself to myself and do my thing and sorry if I can’t give all of my energy to you.’ Maybe it’s because I have so much energy."

Bewley hasn’t yet reached the tabloid-cover level of fame, a la Rob and Kristen, but he has gotten a taste of what his co-stars’ very public lives are like.

“When it first happened, I started getting rounds of phone calls because my number was on my website. When it was first announced, those first few days were kind of weird. It was like, OK ... and you start Googling yourself and there’s more and more and more and more stuff.

I just worry about what’s going to come out because I’ve had a big past and I’ve done a lot of things before and I’m ultra-paranoid someone’s going to come on there and say something. But it doesn’t happen like that. Everyone just watches and smiles and enjoys it for you.”

Considering that Bewley has gone from cab driver to major motion picture vampire royalty in a few short years, it's likely that the characters of his past, whoever they may be, are indeed smiling. What's certain is that his thousands of new fans are too.


Twilight The Movie Game

Summit Entertainmen and Real Arcade partnered up to bring you Twilight The Movie Game!

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How to Make Alice Cullen Wrist Warmers

Craftzine posted directions on how to knit the Wrist Warmers which Alice played by Ashley Greene, wearing fingerless mitts in the upcoming sequel New Moon.


1 ball Lion wool yarn in Ocean Blues Print
Size US 8(5mm) DPNS or size needed to obtain gauge
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle
Waste yarn

Sizes: Women's S/M (L/XL)

Gauge: 16 sts × 24 rows =4"(10mm) in St st
* list of knitting abbreviations

Level: Beginner


Make 2.

CO 31(35) sts. Divide sts evenly over dpns. Join, taking care not to twist. Place marker.

Rnd 1: Work in K1,P1 rib.
Continue working in rib for 2".

Next rnd: Knit.

Continue knitting in straight St st (which in the round, means knit every row), until piece measures 7" (7 ½") from the end.

Thumb Opening: (This section WILL BE KNIT STRAIGHT, not in the round.)
Next row (RS): Knit all sts. Once you've knit the last st on the last needle, flip piece over.
Next row (WS): Purl. Once you've purled the last st on the last needle, flip piece over.
Repeat last 2 rows, 6 more times.

Return working in rounds. Knit 2 rnds.

Next rnd: Work in K1, P1 rib.
Continue working in rib for 1 ¾"(2"). BO in rib st.

Weave in ends.


New Moon Soundtrack to Preorder on iTunes

You can now pre-order the New Moon movie soundtrack on iTunes, which comes with 4 exclusive bonus songs, including an original song from Lupe Fiasco entitled ‘Solar Midnite.’ As with all the songs on the soundtrack, these bonus songs will be heard in the movie and are previously unreleased.

Also, by preordering the soundtrack through iTunes now, you can immediately download Anya Marina’s ‘Satellite Heart.’ The song debuted yesterday exclusively through MySpace, and you can listen to it HERE!

iTunes ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack tracklist:

1. Death Cab for Cutie- Meet Me On The Equinox
2. Band Of Skulls- Friends
3. Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage
4. Lykke Li- Possibility
5. The Killers- A White Demon Love Song
6. Anya Marina- Satellite Heart
7. Muse- I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)
8. Bon Iver & St. Vincent- Rosyln
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- Done All Wrong
10. Hurricane Bells- Monsters
11. Sea Wolf- The Violet Hour
12. OK Go- Shooting The Moon
13. Grizzly Bear (with Victoria Legrand)- Slow Life
14. Editors- No Sound But The Wind
15. Alexandre Desplat- New Moon (The Meadow)
16. Lupe Fiasco – Solar Midnite
17. The Magic Numbers And Amadou & Mariam – All I Believe In
18. APM Orchestra. – Die Fledermaus – Duettino: Ach, ich darf nicht hin zu dir
19. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox (Music Video)
20. Ulf Bastlein – Wandrers Nachtlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D.768 (preorder only)

The soundtrack will be in stores on 10.20.09. Pre-order on iTunes HERE!

For more information please visit NewMoonTheSoundtrack.com and NewMoonTheMovie.com

New Outdoor Poster Artwork of New Moon

Summit Entertainment has just newly released The Twilight Saga: New Moon' Stills.


New Moon Merchandise For Sale

Hot Topic released New Moon merchandise collection which will be available in October 1 this year.