Empire’s 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Empire has published their list of the 100 Sexiest Movie Stars and some Twilight cast members have made their way to the top of women’s and men’s Sexiest Movie Stars list!

Kristen Stewart #7
Most alluring as… Em Lewin in Adventureland – sparky, human, and plenty sexy, in a surly, take-no-shit kinda way.

Ashley Greene is #32
Most alluring as… Prescient vampire chick, Alice Cullen.

Robert Pattinson at #2
Most alluring as… Gotta be Edward Cullen, with all that restrained passion and the penchant for melting glances.

Taylor Lautner at #35
Most alluring as… Jake-abs. Specifically, whenever he’s topless in Twilight. So for the most part, whenever he’s in New Moon then.

Kellan Lutz at #36
Most alluring as… He may be man of few words, but he’s in Twilight, what more do you need? Off the silver screen he does seem to have attracted a large female fanbase who squeal uncontrollably with delight so he’s doing something right.


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