Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host' Could Begin Filming Next Year

According to Deadline.com, the Twilight author Stephenie Meyer could be on its way to the big screen of her first adult novel 'The Host'.

Published in 2008, the book involves benevolent yet parasitic aliens who have taken over the minds of almost all the humans on Earth. Upon its release, Meyer described the plot to MTV News as " 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers,' if the aliens had won."

Although financing is not yet in place and no definite shooting schedule is planned for the sci-fi/horror hybrid, producer Steve Schwartz divulged that "Truman Show" Oscar-nominee Andrew Niccol is currently working on his third draft of the screenplay, with the author's close involvement. Niccol is also signed on to direct the film.

Schwartz, who is now budgeting the project with co-producers Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler, again noted that Meyer handpicked the filmmaker because Niccol's directorial debut, "Gattaca," is one of her favorite science-fiction films. However, his hire was not immediate.

"We spent time with Andrew," Schwartz explained. "Listened to his vision, introduced Andrew to Stephenie and she responded. There is very good chemistry in this group. Stephenie is a very smart collaborator, and she had an intuitive strong hunch he would be the right guy. Based on the script we've seen, we think she was right."

Fans will have to wait and see if Meyer is also right about her dream cast for the film, which she told MTV News in 2008 includes Robert Redford, Matt Damon and both Ben and Casey Affleck. Another uncertainty is when — or if — Meyer will ever finish her two planned sequels to "The Host."

Regardless of whether or not the adaptation spawns further novels or movies, a 2011 shoot could put "The Host" in theaters before the "Twilight Saga" ends, depending on when the second part to the two-film adaptation of "Breaking Dawn" is released.

Plus, with Meyer's announcement of the "Eclipse" spin-off novella "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner," there's now a tease that Summit Entertainment could extend the hot vampire film series even further than a fifth installment.


Stephenie Meyer's new book 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner'

Stephenie Meyer, the best selling author of Twilight will release n new book called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner on June 5, 2010.

From Stephenie Meyer's website:

I have a new book coming out. It's called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. Well, it's more of a novella than an actual book—my version of a short story.

Actually, this has been a surprise to me, too. The reason why it's a surprise was that I never intended to publish this story as a stand-alone book. I began this story a long time ago—before Twilight was even released. Back then I was just editing Eclipse, and in the thick of my vampire world. I was thinking a lot about the newborns, imagining their side of the story, and one thing led to another. I started writing from Bree's perspective about those final days, and what it was like to be a newborn.

This story was something that I worked on off and on for a while, just for fun, in between the times I was writing or editing other Twilight novels. Later, when the concept for The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide came up, I thought that might be a good place for Bree. Her story is a nice complement to Eclipse; it explains a lot of the things that Bella never knew. So I dusted it off and finished it up for placement in the Guide.

At the same time, it came in handy for the Eclipse film. Melissa (Rosenberg, the screenwriter) had a ton of questions about what exactly was going on in Seattle, how Victoria managed things, what Riley was like, etc. I let her read what I had then, and later gave the whole thing to the director, David Slade. David asked if Xavier, Bryce, and Jodelle (Riley, Victoria, and Bree) could read it as well, so all the parties involved would end up having a really strong foundation for their characters before the cameras started rolling. I was pleased that this side of the story would make it into the film and was looking forward to including it in the Guide.

Then I got the news: my "short story" was nearly 200 pages long when typeset. It was too long to fit into the Guide—without ending up with a tome as heavy as the Oxford English Dictionary. My publisher approached me with the idea of releasing the Bree story on its own. One of the major benefits of this plan was that it would be out before the movie, so people would get to know Bree before they saw her in the film. That made sense to me, and we decided to go ahead with it.

There was one thing I asked for: since this story had always been an extra for me, and was meant to be released with the Guide, I wanted to be able to offer it to my fans for free. You all have bought a ton of my books, and I wanted to give you this story as a gift. My publisher was awesome and embraced this idea. We still wanted to also produce a physical book with a cool cover (see below) that you can add to your set if you like, but starting at noon on June 7th until July 5th, it will also be available online at www.breetanner.com.
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

One other aspect of this release is the plan to give a more important gift to people who really need it. One dollar of each book purchased in the US from the first printing will be donated to the American Red Cross for their relief efforts in Haiti and Chile and other parts of the world where people are in great need. We're going to have an option online as well, so you can choose to make a donation if you want when you read the story online. I hope you will. I think that we can really help a lot of people with this.

I really hope you all enjoy this story. I had a blast writing it. I'm glad that after all this time cooling her heels in my files, Bree finally gets her chance to shine.

Thanks for all the support,



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Twilight’s Graphic Novel Successful Debut

Based on ComicBook Resources report the Yen Press announced the successful first week debut of Twilight: The Graphic Novel.

"The graphic novel adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight sold over 66,000 copies in its first week, the largest debut for a graphic novel in the US, according to publisher Yen Press. Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1, illustrated by Korean artist Young Kim, already broke the record for largest first printing for a graphic novel with 350,000 copies."


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Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning Discuss The Runaways' Sexual Relationship

Kristen Stewart as Jett and Dakota Fanning as Currie are seen woozily locking lips and then waking up in bed together. So were the two musicians in a relationship? Were they just two teens having fun? These remain open questions, even for the two actresses.

"They were really good friends, and whatever happened just kind of happened," Fanning told MTV News.

"They had a really unique relationship," Stewart echoed.

No doubt this is delicate territory, and Stewart and Fanning strove to shed light on the relationship without explicitly defining it.

"Just as any two girls who are in a crazy situation, it's heightened circumstances, clearly," Stewart said. "They really relied on each other, and Joan, I think, could really see a vulnerability in Cherie. In terms of it being a romantic thing, that's semi-ridiculous. Romance was not at the top of their list. It was so not like that. In the movie, we touch on that because it sort of captures the essence of the movie perfectly. It's like, 'God, they just did something, and they didn't really think about it.' It was fun, and then they didn't talk about it afterwards."

Whatever the exact nature of Jett and Currie's connection, Fanning said that the two rockers retain a deep connection. "They definitely do love each other to this day," she said. "They're so close, and seeing them together was even more helpful than seeing them apart. Watching the relationship revert back to how it was back then, you can just see their 15-year-old selves even today."

Jackson Rathbone Directs Music Video

Jackson Rathbone directed the video which features the music, lyrics, and is sung by the late Spencer Bell ( a talented musician and friend of Jackson Rathbone who died of adrenal cancer). Jackson’s band, 100 Monkeys, will be playing at a variety of events that help fund adrenal cancer research.


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Ellen Degeneres is throwing away give aways of New Moon DVDs, iPod nano and $25 iTunes gift certificate in her show.

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Exclusive New TV Spot from The Runaways features 'Crimson & Clover'

The Runaways, starring Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Michael Shannon, hits theaters this Friday, March 19, before going to wide release on April 9.

The film follows two friends, the always awesome Joan Jett (Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Fanning), as they rise from rebellious Southern California kids to stars of the now-legendary rock group. The Runaways chronicles Joan and Cherie's tumultuous relationship on- and off-stage as the band starts to break out.

The Runaways were best known for songs like "Cherry Bomb," "Queens of Noise," "Neon Angels" and "Born to Be Bad." The group only lasted a few short years but saw great success, headlining shows with opening acts like Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, The Ramones and Van Halen.


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Lady Gaga Maybe a Twilight Fan, says Ashley Greene

Twilight star Kristen Stewart' Comic Book Preview

Bluewater Productions' Fame series of biography comics coming in June features Kristen Stewart together with other celebrities like Lady Gaga and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. Fame brings to life in graphic form the stories of the world's biggest celebrities.

Actress Kristen Stewart became an instant celebrity the moment she signed on to play Bella, the love interest of vampire-with-a-soul Edward in the Twilight series of vampire/romance movies based on the popular novels of the same name.

But Stewart has been acting long before Twilight, and most of her work hasn't involved vampires or werewolves. In fact, anyone who has watched the coming-of-age drama/comedy Adventureland, knows just how powerful of an actress Stewart can be.

Writer Kim Sherman, who has also penned Bluewater's Robert Pattinson entry in the series, said that Stewart's versatility and talent might surprise readers who only know her as Bella.

“For Twilight fans, Kristen Stewart is a woman whom fans long to be and love to hate,” Sherman said. “But Kristen has been in the public eye for years, and her career as a serious actor spans dozens of films over a 10-year period of time. My goal with this biography was to show readers the depth residing in this young woman and the roles she's beautifully tackled through a series of spot shots, pinups and word art.”

Sherman added that the art on this book, provided by renowned artist Warren Martineck, perfectly brings Stewart's story to life.

“Well-known artist Warren Martineck, of Marvel and D.C. fame, takes my script and provides an amazing viewpoint of the beauty, the grit and the individuality which defines Miss Stewart,” Sherman said.

The 32-page comic book, Fame: Kristen Stewart will be available in June, and will retail for $3.99. Two covers will be available: cover A, by Juanmar Studios which attaches like a puzzle to the FAME: Robert Pattinson issue. Cover B is done by famed comic book artist Randy Green “X-men and Witchblade”.

Bluewater Productions has become well-known for its biography comics. In addition to its Fame series, the company also publishes both the Female Force and Political Power line of biography comics. March 31st comes the release of Female Force: Ellen Degeneres.

“I look at every one of our biography comics as a way to lead a new group of readers to the world of graphic storytelling,” said Darren G. Davis, president of Bluewater Productions. “I have little doubt that Kristen's biography will accomplish this.”



'Twilight' Graphic novel Version On Sale

USA Today covers the release of first volume of the Graphic version of twilight adapted from Stephenie Meyer's best sellers. The Twilight: The Graphic Novel will be published in two volumes thought there's still no date has been announced for the second volume.

The 350,000 first printing is believed to be the biggest for any graphic novel in the U.S. market.

The hardcover book, illustrated and adapted by South Korean artist Young Kim, was created with author Meyer's oversight.

"When it comes to really seeing Stephenie Meyer's personal vision of the Twilight property, this is as close an opportunity there is to accomplishing that," says Yen's Kurt Hassler. "Stephenie was very specific and has very clear images of what the characters look like in her head."

Meyer likes what she sees in Kim's depictions of sexy teen vampire Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, the girl he loves. She writes in the introduction that seeing Kim's drawings "brought me back to my first Twilight experience ... suddenly I would be feeling all the same things I felt that first summer while I was writing their (Edward and Bella's) story."

In an e-mail interview, Kim says: "It is always difficult to visualize text, since everyone has a different interpretation of it, but I tried to be as faithful as possible to the descriptions in the book, and Stephenie's review and input were greatly helpful."

Becky Anderson of Anderson's Bookshop in Naperville, Ill., wonders how fans will react after seeing the movies and envisioning Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella.

"People are really possessive of this book and how they feel about it," Anderson says. "It will be interesting to see how they accept this new visual image."


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MTV features the music video of Cherry Bomb played by Dakota Fanning from The Runaways movie.