Robert Pattinson talks about his favorite movie Braveheart, sex scenes with Uma Thurman in Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn shooting being a burden.

In an interview og Twilight star Robert Pattinson with Daily Record which he chats about his favorite Mel Gibson Oscar-winning film Braveheart, singing career, shooting of Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and kind of disturbing sex scenes with Uma Thurman in his next flick Bel Ami.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson admits he gets his freedom watching Braveheart.

Thee 23-year-old hearthrob, nicknamed RPattz, says although he hasn't been able to get to a cinema for two years, he can't get enough of the Mel Gibson Oscar-winning film about Scotland's greatest patriot William Wallace.

He admitted: "I saw Braveheart on the television the other day and I've been watching it four times a day since. It's my favourite film. I haven't been to the cinema in two years."

Since he started playing smouldering vampire Edward Cullen two years ago, the London actor has become one of the world's biggest and most lusted after stars.

Last year, while filming new movie Remember Me, he was hit by a taxi while running away from fans and he's a pin-up from America to Japan.

Girls - even grannies - ask him to bite them and in November last year a 2000-strong crowd of girls turned out to see him at a fan party in London.

Added to that is the are they-aren't they relationship between him and Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

Robert's sudden fame has sometimes made him moan. Last year, he told the Record he couldn't stay in the same place for more than 20 minutes without gaggles of girls surrounding him.

He now reveals that he has started to apologise to people he meets for his over-exposure.

He started out as a model and fell into acting in 2004. Just a year later he was cast as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter And the Goblet Of Fire.

Robert said: "A lot of people value fame very highly, much more highly than they should and they get angry when they see people either not respecting their own fame enough or thinking that they've got famous undeservedly. I took a step in one direction and it kind of just happened, so I can't really claim anything.

"But I find myself at parties having to apologise for a lot of things, just for being myself. It's kind of weird - you can never just walk into a place and just reinvent yourself, you've always got to explain yourself first, which is tiring."

Being the main star of Twilight has seen RPattz become a multi-millionaire. His earnings last year were reportedly £11.25million thanks to the second film in the Twilight Saga films: New Moon, which will be released on DVD on March 22.

It starts another busy year for the actor, whose next film Remember Me with Pierce Brosnan is out in April, and the third film in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse will hit the cinema screens on July 9.

Robert is chatting in a London hotel room and he doesn't look like his famous vampire character because he has grown a beard for new film Bel Ami. He admits for the first time in two years he's been able to walk around his home city largely undetected.

"I would like to do an audition with no one knowing who I am and see what would happen though," he laughed.

What's it like being back in London? Given he's been jetting around the world for premieres, is it different now?

"It's really different," he admitted. "I've been here for such a little time in the last three years. I used to live in Soho and when I came back this time everything was closed. It's weird. Everywhere I used to go to, everything was closed."

While he was back in London, there were rumours Simon Cowell had offered him a record deal. The actor, who plays guitar and piano, sang and co-wrote on the Twilight soundtrack Never Think and also sang on Let Me Sign, has admitted he wants to do a solo album.

He said: "I don't know when or how and the annoying thing is, it has to be so good or people will just write it off immediately."

There is also talk he is in the running to play Peter Parker in Spider-Man 4. He and High School Musical star Zac Efron's names have been banded about after Tobey Maguire was axed from the franchise.

Robert laughed: "I don't think I'm going to be playing Spider-Man, even though I would quite like to do it."

For the moment, he has been rehearsing in London for new film Bel Ami, which started shooting last week.

It stars Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas and is the movie adaption of French writer Guy de Maupassant's 1885 novel of the same name. Robert plays a Parisian journalist who gains power in the city through the manipulation of some very wealthy women.

It's a very different kind of film to the almost chaste Twilight which is aimed at teens.

There are some steamy sex scenes with Pulp Fiction star Uma Thurman and Robert admits they are near the knuckle.

"The sex scenes with Uma are kind of disturbing. Her character kind of uses sex as a sort of weapon and my character thinks like an animal.

"There's a lot of sex scenes in this film, so I'm asking quite a lot of myself, and with lots of different people as well."

He is also set to star in the final Twlight film based on the books Breaking Dawn, which may be broken into two films, due to the number of books.

He admits to mixed emotions about the end of the saga.

He said: ""It will be strange but it will be great just to be able to know what I'm doing. Not knowing when Breaking Dawn is going to shoot - because it changes all the time - is a kind of burden, to have this thing where you don't know when it's going to happen.

"So you've got to organise everything in your life around that and that can be difficult."

Whether he and co-star Kristen, who plays Bella in the Twilight films, are an item is a question Robert manages to dodge. He has never confirmed the relationship and neither has she, despite the fervent speculation about them.

He will admit he has no problem with relationships but admits he is paranoid anyone close to him could sell a story.

He said: "Actual real relationships with people you have known for ages never change. Like all of my friends, every one I've known, it's all exactly the same.

"It's just new people. If you meet a crowd of people, a lot of times you think someone is going to say something, someone could be going to sell a story about you.

"The majority of times, nothing bad ever happens, but having that paranoia there is very annoying."



Robin Mathews: The make-up artist behind Kristen Stewart's face.

Robin Mathews is Kristen Stewart’s Make-Up Artist. The expert makeup artist has painted the faces of everyone from Dakota Fanning to Anna Faris, but, after working on the second and third installments of the Twilight franchise, her latest project just might be her most wild yet. As the makeup department head of The Runaways, she figured out a way to perfect the smoky eye.

Bella Swan’s lips. Joan Jett’s eyes. Kristen Stewart’s cheeks.

What’s harder: making someone look like a rock star or a vampire?
That’s a good question. Probably The Runaways was a bit harder, because it was recreating real people, icons. It was hard to live up to—although Bella is pretty much a teen icon, too.

How much research did you have to do for The Runaways?
So much! That’s one of my main focuses as a makeup department head; I really enjoy delving into the research, no matter what the movie is. For The Runaways, we had binders in the makeup trailer with about 5,000 photos total, and then I lined the entire trailer with tons of photos of Cherie Currie and Joan Jett. It was really important to get [Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning] to look as close to the real characters as possible, which meant doing a lot of chiseling—with Kristen, we used some prosthetic appliances.

What would you say is the basis of the Runaways' look?
Joan is known for her amazing smudgy black eyeliner that she wears better than anyone else in the world. For Cherie Currie, she was a little more of a chameleon with her makeup. She had a twin sister, Marie Currie (played [in the movie] by Riley Keough), who was a makeup artist in real life, so they played with their makeup looks quite a bit. But it always seemed to be more about the eyes for the two girls, they’re the two that created the iconic looks. They really broke down barriers with that smoky eye look that we like to wear today. And Cherie would do smoky eyes like nobody else, with blue and gold, or silver and brown, she’d wear all types of colors for a smoky eye.

What’s the best pencil for a Runaways-inspired smoky eye?
Make Up Forever makes a great one that’s long-lasting. Also, the regular MAC kohl eye pencil is great for smudging.

You just finished doing Kristen’s makeup for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. How would you describe Bella’s look?
Her look was so tricky, because she had to be a naturally pretty girl, but she’s also surrounded by these mythical creatures. She needs to be plain, but beautiful at the same time. It’s all about the flawless skin and a naturally pretty cheek color. The number one question I get is the lips—and I can’t give it up yet!

Who’s your beauty icon?
Kristen Stewart—[she’s] the most chameleon-like actress that I’ve ever witnessed. She can play a beauty or a wreck at the same time if she wants to.

Why do you think that is?
The mainstay of it is her acting ability, but she just has a bone structure that allows her to be morphed into other things easily. It’s what she does with the physicality of [acting]. We had just finished shooting New Moon a week prior to The Runaways, and I started noticing that she had a little bit of a hunch—I never really noticed that she stood like that and walked like that. And [then] I realized that’s how Joan [Jett] stands, because she plays the guitar. We shot Eclipse two days after The Runaways [ended], and the hunch was gone!

True or false: You need to take off your makeup every night—even if you’re a rock star.
Absolutely every night, you need to take off any foundation. It’s definitely a good idea to take [eye makeup] off, but for a true rock’n’roll smoky eye, leaving that black eyeliner on overnight is sometimes a good thing to do.


Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Warrior Movie Pics

Brandon T. Jackson’s Twilight Spoof 'Dark New Moon'

Video:Jennie Garth talks about Twihards on Wendy Williams

Jennie Garth is the wife of Peter Facinelli a.k.a Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies, talks about the devout love the fans have for the stars of the movie.

Grab Your Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black Doll

For all TEam Jacob out there! Get Your First Look At Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black Doll!

The limited edition Jacob action figure, which comes a few (long-awaited!) months after Tonner debuted its Laurent, Victoria, James and "Hungry Edward" dolls during last July's Comic-Con, will be shapeshifting released this summer. The cost of the 17-inch-tall, hard plastic and vinyl figure will be $149.99 and there are only a limited number (3000 to be exact!) being made, so Twilighters, this is a chance to own a piece of cinematic history!


Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' New Stills

Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me' has two new exclusive images from his upcoming romantic drama co-stars with Elizabeth Reaser.

Looking at these two pics, we can safely say that Emilie de Ravin wasn't lying when she told MTV News last month that she and Rob hit it off right away. "I flew to New York to test with Rob and we immediately got along and had instant great chemistry, which is not an easy thing to come by," she said. "Obviously you're acting, but you want to have that connection with somebody. We had it."

Though we love seeing Rob in a plaid shirt getting, you know, frisky on a bed, we have to admit this second image might be our favorite. It's nice seeing him let loose for a role — it's a welcome change from his polite and guarded Edward Cullen ways. When it comes to Emilie, on the other hand, we have to wonder how many pieces of sexy lingerie she had to try on to make this scene work!



Ask Rob: Robert Pattinson's Remember Me Video Number 4

Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner on Celebrity Beach Bowl

The Super Bowl has a way of bringing out some of the biggest names in Hollywood along with the biggest names in sports. Page 2 chatted with Twilight's Kellan Lutz about his Super Bowl weekend and his dreams of playing football -- before he stumbled upon a little bit of fame with the whole Twilight franchise thing.

"I love football," he told Page 2. "I miss my high school days where I played. I was going to college for (football) and then acting came up so I had to put school on hold and now I'm on this acting adventure."

Despite his love for the game, he'll be the first to admit he made the right choice when it comes to career success.

"I don't think I'm tall enough, big enough or strong enough to be in the Super Bowl," he said. "I just miss playing football and getting hit and hitting people."

Lutz has been making the party rounds at the Super Bowl, hitting up the Tide Plus Febreze Freshness Sport Launch, the Audi Superbowl XLIV Party at The W South Beach, the Direct TV Beach Bowl and of course, he'll be at the Super Bowl game on Sunday.

"I've been dreaming to have the chance to go to the Super Bowl and my Cardinals went last year and I was unfortunately not able to attend that game but this game is going to be a good one," he said. "I really want the Saints to win. I think Manning and the Colts have such an amazing team, but the heart that the Saints have I really hope pulls through."


Taylor Lautner's Super Bowl Weekend in Miami

Colts fans Taylor Lautner and Rob Lowe are in Miami together to root on their team.

"Taylor's another Colts fan and he's such a great guy," Rob said when I caught up with him at the Audi penthouse party at the W. "He and I are here for the Super Bowl as well, and I brought my boys with me, so we just have a boys club, who's been traveling around on this amazing Colts run."

But Rob says he left his wife home, who's a huge Twi-hard...

"My wife is the Twilight freak in the house and she loves it," he said. "She's really funny. I keep giving her reports on where we're going, what we're doing."

Although it seems like an unlikely friendship between the two actors at first glance, maybe the former Brat Packer is giving the current wolf packer career advice.

At the party, Taylor wasn't drinking and stuck close to his security peeps, although he did take photos with Hilary Swank.


Video:Kellan Lutz Helping Others and Making a Difference

Kellan Lutz on his Triumph to Hollywood

Video Taylor Lautner on Celebrity Beach Bowl Highlight

Taylor Lautner Misses Two Touchdowns on Celebrity Beach Bowl of 2010.

"Twilight" movies attract buyers of Volvo Cars

Sales of Volvo Increases and the Twilight movie is to Blame.

James Bond has inspired sales of Aston Martins and BMWs with his super-cool onscreen wheels. Now a vampire who drives a Volvo is getting the attention of young drivers.

Since the release of "Twilight" in 2008, teens and young adults have been drawn to the Volvo C30, driven by the character Edward Cullen.

"All these teenagers were going crazy about the C30," says Carmelo Scalzo, general manager of Volvo of Oak Park. "After the movie launched, we saw this spike in C30 sales. We didn't know what had happened until we put two and two together."

Mr. Scalzo helped market the newer XC60, featured in the series' second film, "New Moon" (2009), after Volvo caught on and tied the car to the movie through advertisements and guerrilla marketing.

The XC60, at $32,995, has not seen the same spike in sales as the C30, at $24,600, Mr. Scalzo says.

But for some, just seeing one is enough.

"I have people coming in with their kids who are taking pictures with the cars," say Pat Hubert, general manager of Fields Volvo in Highland Park. "These are younger kids, probably 12 or 13 years old. Their parents say they'll come back when they're older."

Franz Mausser, manager of Barrington Volvo, reports a surge of interest in both models.

"We have seen an increase in interest in both vehicles by the youngest of drivers, teens and twentysomethings, and beyond," Mr. Mausser says. "Young parents also have been engrossed with the plots and story lines of the movie."


Kristen Stewart to Host Haiti Help Dinner

Like her Twilight Saga co-stars actress Kristen Stewart continues Haitian Aide.

‘I Heart Vampires’ Show Video

New Beginnings from I Heart Vampires on Take180.com


The Last Airbender Superbowl TV Spot

Ashley Greene Marie Claire Photoshoot Video

The Video of Behind the Scene of Ashley Greene's Marie Claire Photoshoot.
She'll put a spell on you: Corseted in Dolce & Gabbana's sultry Sicilian lace and signature floral prints, New Moon's Ashley Greene turns queen of the vamps.



Twilight Stars Kristen Stewart & Anna Kendrick graces Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair Magazine march issue features the Twilight Stars Kristen Stewart & Anna Kendrick on the cover. Fresh Faces, Bright Futures Vanity Fair issue also features Abbie Cornish, Carey Mulligan, Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, Alice In Wonderland’s Mia Wasikowska, Emma Stone, and Evan Rachel Wood.


Muse Band Thanks Twilight Saga for their American Break

Muse believe their appearance on the soundtrack to The Twilight Saga films has helped them win fans in America.

The band have contributed songs to the opening two films in the popular vampire franchise, including the recent hit New Moon.

Speaking to Asia One, bassist Chris Wolstenholme said the group were originally unaware about The Twilight Saga's cult following.

"I was vaguely aware of the books (before author Stephenie Meyer approached us) but we didn't think anything of it at the time,” he said.

"The next thing you know, it's Twilight fever. It's good because it has made a difference for us in trying to break into America."

Muse's audiences in the US have continued to grow in recent years and the band are due to return for six dates, starting next month.

The jaunt includes a gig at Madison Square Garden in New York on March 5.


Twilight Girls Gone Wild! (An Early Look at The Runaways)

At last night’s midtown Manhattan press screening of the highly anticipated biopic The Runaways, a diminutive figure in a black hoodie slunk into the front row minutes before the lights dimmed. I could just make out a pair of Kohl-rimmed eyes and an inky fringe, but it was the unmistakable slouch that made me wonder: “Is that Kristen Stewart?” I was half-right. It was Joan Jett, the pioneering hard rocker portrayed in the film by Stewart.

The Runaways tells the story of its namesake band—the all-girl teen band that launched Jett’s career in the 1970s. It tells the age-old tale of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll, but with the twist that it’s all from a young woman’s perspective. Directed by photographer and music-video director Floria Sigismondi, the movie stars two of the most sought-after young actresses working today: Dakota Fanning, who plays the drug-addled lead singer, Cherie Currie; and Stewart, the face of the Twilight film franchise (which also, coincidentally, features Fanning). Both actresses are roughly the age their fictional counterparts were at the height of their fame, and both seem eager to leave behind their doe-eyed images (and fan bases) and venture into more mature artistic territory. Judging from this effort, they may well succeed.

Aggressive, raw, and amped up on frenetic—and sexual—hunched-punk intensity, Stewart’s Jett smokes, snorts, and struts with abandon, her energy centered strategically in her pelvis. (I can’t wait to see what the Twi-hards make of this!) A favorite scene—and there were many—takes place in the bathroom where Jett gives a blasé “lesson” to one of her band mates about how to pleasure oneself with a shower head while visualizing Farrah Fawcett. This is a woman who revels in her well-earned bad reputation. “I want what he’s wearing,” she says, and she is never disappointed.

Then there’s Fanning as Currie, the kittenish blonde who fronts the band like a female crossbreed of Ziggy Stardust and Keith Richards. Like Jett, she’s an outcast born into a virtually fatherless home, game for whatever adventure comes her way. She falls into The Runaways by chance (unlike Jett, who charges ahead with unbridled intensity) and easily succumbs to rock’s infinite varieties of candy. Fanning’s performance is both chilling and convincing, and will serve as the cautionary foil to every underage girl who sees this movie (they will find a way to get in) and is inspired to mimic its lifestyle (they will want to mimic it—I found myself jonesing for a guitar and a cigarette when it was over).

While there’s nothing that will surprise you story-wise, especially if you’ve read about the history of The Runaways, the sheer force of the girl-power energy that went into the film combined with the contagious ferocity of the music (featuring impressive vocals by Stewart and Fanning) will leave you jumpy—in a good way. You’ll want the soundtrack, not to mention every album The Runaways and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts produced, and you’ll definitely want more of Stewart and Fanning.

And what does Joan Jett want? Nothing too complicated. I happened to overhear her in the ladies room after the screening telling one admirer, “I just want people to enjoy it.”


REMEMBER ME - "Ask Rob" Video #3

Robert Pattinson answers fan questions about REMEMBER ME in series of videos called "Ask Rob."


Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning Defend Drug Use In 'The Runaways'

"I've been exposed to everything under the [sun]," Kristen said of her own upbringing, implying that teenagers are smart enough to see other people's mistakes and not necessarily follow in their footsteps. "I think that if you don't realize the people you look up to [are just acting, that's a problem]. This is also a really hard question for me."

The fact of the matter is, when the film hits theaters March 19, fans will be watching two actors portray rockers Joan Jett and Cherie Currie — real-life people who participated fully in the sex, drugs and rock and roll of the mid-'70s. Some, however, will inevitably find it difficult to see Jett and Currie instead of Stewart and Fanning.

"This is [about] real people," Fanning said, defending the scenes. "This is their real experience.

"It's the story," she added. "[Us doing drugs] is just about finding the beats, you know what I mean?"

Kristen Stewart &Dakota Fanning On Acting Vs. Rocking

Which is more awesome, being a rock star or a Hollywood star?

"Hmmm," pondered Stewart, who, thanks to the "Twilight" films, is arguably hotter than any actress in Hollywood at the moment. "What's cooler?"

"I enjoy being an actor pretending to be a rock and roll star," Fanning laughed.

"It's like the best of both worlds," KStew agreed.

The same could probably be said of these two actresses. These days, they've made back-to-back films (Fanning joined the "Twilight" saga for "New Moon" as the Volturi vampire Jane) and are so close in age and friendship that it seems like they could keep making movies together forever.

Previously, however, their careers were quite different: Stewart was known as an actress of great promise who already seemed grown-up beyond her years, while Fanning spent a half-decade as the ultimate adorable moppet in films like "The Cat in the Hat," "Dreamer" and "The Secret Life of Bees."

Now they've rocked Sundance as the Runaways. And what do their hands-on parents think of seeing them as hard-partying, drug-abusing punks?

"My mom has seen it," Fanning said a bit sheepishly.

"Nobody's really seen it for me," Stewart replied. "I don't know yet."