New Moon Exclusive Trailer


'Twilight': The wolf pack is cast

Summit Entertainment has revealed that five Native American/First Nation actors will join Taylor Lautner as members of the wolf pack in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. The announced actors are Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon, and Tyson Houseman. Werewolf characters, in particular Lautner's Jacob Black, will figure prominently in New Moon, due in theaters on Nov. 20.


Twilight Saga: New Moon will have Kristen Stewart CGI for Bella Swan cliff-diving scene (video here)

So, there's good news for us Twilight fans - Bella Swan will be, in line with New Moon the book (for more New Moon expectations see here) be cliff-diving.

Below, Kristen Stewart talks about her preparation for the cliff-diving scene in New Moon. Says she, she went to do a "head-scan" where she had to make a solid face and hold it in preparation for a computerized Bella to be made for the cliff-diving scene.

She gets to "almost jump" on her own, she says.

This is great news for us Twilight fans who wish to see scenes like Bella's cliff-dive presented perfectly to us. Chris Weitz, New Moon's director, has some experience with CGI in his work on The Golden Compass and others.

What do you think? Is the use of CGI in the cliff-diving scene a good thing? Comment below and let us know!