Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning Discuss The Runaways' Sexual Relationship

Kristen Stewart as Jett and Dakota Fanning as Currie are seen woozily locking lips and then waking up in bed together. So were the two musicians in a relationship? Were they just two teens having fun? These remain open questions, even for the two actresses.

"They were really good friends, and whatever happened just kind of happened," Fanning told MTV News.

"They had a really unique relationship," Stewart echoed.

No doubt this is delicate territory, and Stewart and Fanning strove to shed light on the relationship without explicitly defining it.

"Just as any two girls who are in a crazy situation, it's heightened circumstances, clearly," Stewart said. "They really relied on each other, and Joan, I think, could really see a vulnerability in Cherie. In terms of it being a romantic thing, that's semi-ridiculous. Romance was not at the top of their list. It was so not like that. In the movie, we touch on that because it sort of captures the essence of the movie perfectly. It's like, 'God, they just did something, and they didn't really think about it.' It was fun, and then they didn't talk about it afterwards."

Whatever the exact nature of Jett and Currie's connection, Fanning said that the two rockers retain a deep connection. "They definitely do love each other to this day," she said. "They're so close, and seeing them together was even more helpful than seeing them apart. Watching the relationship revert back to how it was back then, you can just see their 15-year-old selves even today."

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