Kristen Stewart Goes From Vampires To The Marines

If James Woods has his way, Kristen Stewart's next movie will be An American Girl with the Twilight star in the lead role as a Marine.

Woods told ComingSoon.net that when he bought the script for An American Girl last year he immediately thought of Stewart and this was before Twilight made her a superstar. She's told him she definitely wants to do it, said Woods who will produce and costar in the flick.

The role will have Stewart playing a small town girl who joins the Marines just to escape a sex tape scandal at home. She unexpectedly excels in the military but is also injured in the line of duty and returns home a changed woman.

It is a "slam dunk Oscar for her," Woods said.

An American Girl won't be Stewart's first break from Twilight's Bella Swan.

In between shooting New Moon and Eclipse (which is currently in production), she squeezed in the Joan Jett biopic, The Runaways.


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