Paris Hilton in New Moon?

Hollywood nobody Paris Hilton has been pestering Robert Pattinson to get her a part in New Moon, according to Star magazine. She had met Pattinson at the Oscars and has since been calling him to plead for a role in the franchise.

Sources told Star: "She has also had her manager call the casting agent to lobby for a part on her behalf. She is desperate for people to take her seriously as an actress and thinks she'd be perfect to play one of the vampires. She's even willing to play a victim - she just wants in."

If Ms Hilton wants to be taken seriously as an actress, she might try the usual route: acting lessons at a performing arts school. Does she expect to just swan on to a film set with a miniature dog (and, no doubt, her British best friend) in her handbag and be taken seriously? I think not. She has no discernible talent and should be kept out of movies.

Meanwhile, spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona is to helm the third movie in the Twilight vampire franchise based on the novels by Stephanie Meyer.

The third movie, Eclipse, is set for release on June 30, 2010. Summit Entertainment is expected to officially announce Bayona's involvement shortly, according to Variety.

Bayona (pictured) is a protégé of Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, The Hobbit) and directed the excellent Spanish language thriller The Orphanage, which was executive produced by Del Toro. Bayona is also attached to direct the thriller Hater, for Universal.

Bayona got the job on Eclipse ahead of several other directors being considered, including former Charlie's Angel star Drew Barrymore - who has just finished her directorial debut on the comedy Whip It! starring Ellen Page.

Although it sounded like a bogus piece of gossip, Barrymore confirmed she was on the shortlist for Eclipse in an interview with Access Hollywood. Other names on the list reportedly included New Moon director Chris Weitz's brother Paul and Walk the Line director James Mangold.

Catherine Hardwicke directed the first Twilight film, and was replaced by The Golden Compass director Chris Weitz for the second film, New Moon.

Production on New Moon is due to start shortly with the key actors - Robert Pattinson as Edward, Kristen Stewart as Bella and Taylor Lautner as Jacob - reprising their roles. It's set for release on November 20 this year.

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