New Moon:' Expectations & Reservations About The 'Twilight' Sequel

With this past weekend's release of the DVD Twilight, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, several fans are already looking ahead to the future of the incredible series by Stephenie Meyer. Certain fans (myself included) believe that New Moon was their least favorite out of the four books, so we have high expectations to make this movie shine (like Edward!).

Cutting Down the Length

Many fans criticized the book for being too long. There were several pages that could've been eliminated. Ok, Bella misses Edward. We get it. Let's not have Bella dwell so heavily on his absence. We need to see that she misses Edward and that he truly was what she wanted, but not to an obnoxious degree. Personally, I think it will be interesting to see how director Chris Weitz will handle Edward's voice cautioning Bella in her head when she tries her stunts.

Jacob's Overconfidence

Twilight The one aspect of this book that made it unique and moved the overall story forward was how Bella's relationship with Jacob grew in Edward's absence. She didn't know whether or not Edward would ever return and began to believe that she should allow herself some slice of happiness through someone else. One thing I do not want to see, however, is Jacob's arrogant overconfidence. Never before "New Moon" have we seen Jacob be so forward and sure of himself. He used to be shy and quiet around Bella, just happy to be in her presence. In "New Moon," however, he became someone who wasn't afraid to say how he felt and what he wanted, even if Bella didn't necessarily want to hear it. This was not the Jacob I had gotten to know in "Twilight." As a friend, that kind of behavior can be good, even helpful, but we all know that friendship was not what Jacob was after. Let's try to tone his attitude down and just make his "sureness" amusing instead of annoying.

The Volturi

I want the scene in Italy with the Volturi to be KILLER! This group of centuries-old vampires are what the "Twilight" series is basically all about. Bella should not know about vampires, but she does. Her knowledge of the Cullens goes against the "Vampire Code," and it makes this new portion of the plot that much more dangerous and exciting. I want to know exactly how dark some of these vampires are, and I want the Volturi to make James look like Barney. The introduction of these "keepers of the vampire secret" should really be something incredible to give us more to look forward to in "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn."

That being said, I am sure plenty of Twi-hards will be plenty happy just to have the film finally out. As long as there aren't any drastic changes in cast (which almost ALWAYS throws off the chemistry among the actors), and the story stays true to the book, I am sure that the film itself will please many. Just try not to move the release date back from November 20, 2009. A year from the "Twilight" release date is already plenty long to wait!


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