‘New Moon’s’ Taylor Lautner To Robert Pattinson Fans: ‘I Love You Guys’

Twilight” star Taylor Lautner will showcase his bulked-up body in a big-time role in the series’ next film, “New Moon,” and he’s hoping that fans will embrace his character, Jacob, the way they did Robert Pattinson’s Edward.

“I’m telling fans to go see ‘New Moon’ at least one more time than you saw ‘Twilight’ and all will be good,” he told E! Online.

“I’m getting a little nervous,” he added. “But I’m so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/Edward fans. I know we wouldn’t…be here filming ‘New Moon’ and filming [third sequel] ‘Eclipse’ if it wasn’t for them.”

And while things heat up between Jacob, a werewolf, and Kristen Stewart’s Bella in the second film, he told E! that the “New Moon” on-screen adaptation would accurately follow Stephenie Meyer’s book – so a kiss between the pair is unlikely for now.

“Maybe you’ll see a little bit more action in the third [movie],” Taylor said. “I’m excited for that.”

The back-to-back films are expected in November 2009 and June 2010, with an adaptation of the saga’s final book, “Breaking Dawn,” yet to be announced. Rumored directors for “Eclipse” have included Drew Barrymore and Paul Weitz, the brother of “New Moon” helmer Chris.

“Now that I’ve seen this kind of passion and dedication in the fans, I wouldn’t see a reason [‘Breaking Dawn’] wouldn’t happen,” Taylor said.

In the meantime, the star is already trying to win the hearts of thousands of Edward fans.

“Don’t hate on me too much,” he said. “I love you, guys.”

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