Stephenie Meyer Talks About Twilight Characters Bree, Riley, Victoria and Jane

Q:Well we did fall in love with Bree, and we were trying to figure out why she was destroyed.  We can’t figure out a rule that she broke.  She didn’t reveal herself to a human, she wasn’t in a fight… So we want to save her… So, why? Why is she not around?

SM: She’s not around because, there are the specific rules, there are general rules… Don’t attract attention.  And, the specific rules, and armies are against the rules.  So once you’ve screwed up enough, so that people are noticing, and people are noticing big time with this, you all are gone!  If they just said, “This member of this wild coven was bad, and this one was bad… We’ll kill them!  But you guys did okay.”  That’s not how you rule with terror.  You know!  Iron fist, man!  You all suffer!

(Everyone Talks!)

SM: She would have been fine if she hadn’t been a part of that group. Yah… Bad decisions.  Her and Riley both.

Q: I was just wondering if Jane had an ulterior motive with that?  There was something between her and Jane.  Did Jane see her (Bree) in the trees?

SM: No. Jane didn’t know.  Jane came into it thinking… She didn’t know what the newborns had been told. She had that one exchange with them. She doesn’t know. And, what has this girl (Bree) already told them? You know, she was ready to… She wanted to make sure the statements on the table at the end were the ones that they should be.  Even though she’s not in control, she is pretty high up.  She has a sense that at some point it’s going to hit the fan with the Volturi, that the Cullen’s are of special interest.  But at the same time it would embarrass her, the people in charge (her bosses), if she slipped up. She was all flying on her own with this one.  But she was impatient, she was like, when are they going to do this? We’re (Volturi) getting embarrassed because this all out there.  So she finally goes to Victoria and says you have to do something or I’m going to have to kill you all.  She doesn’t want to do that.  She wants the Cullen’s to get killed. And, she’s all along making her own decisions which could get her in a lot of trouble.  You know?  So, she’s very tense for Jane. She doesn’t usually have to fly solo for stuff like that.

SM: You guys have all seen the “Decisions, Decisions” clip right?  I love that!  It’s not in the Bree novel, but I love how pissed she gets with Felix.  She’s on edge.  She’s very calm on the exterior, but she could screw up and that’s a very scary thing for her.

Q: When I first picked up the Bree book, myself, the title “The Short Second Life…”  Then I started reading the beginning and she talks about how as a vampire you don’t really remember that first life and this is the new chance.  I got a little Twi-sophical on it… I just wanted to know, from your perspective if you think the life of a vampire is a ‘Redemption Story’?  Like a rebirth… Second chances?

SM:  I think in some ways it’s exactly like your first life, because you get to decide. Right? Which side you’re on? And, some people are like Victoria, and they want the power like the Volturi.  They kind of the same as who they were. So you could change in your second like, but most of them… some of the do!?! I think that Laurent waffles a little bit.  You know, he makes an attempt. It’s not impossible to change but it’s very difficult.  Which is how I see human nature… How many people do you know… I think I know of two people that have totally turned their lives around out of hundreds of people. It’s a really hard thing. I think it’s the same thing for the vampires.  Now Jasper’s a good example of someone who did find redemption in the second half of his second life.  But I don’t think that just being given a second chance necessarily mean you’re not going to do the same thing you would have before.  Now you just have the chance to do it more violently, and kill more people… Yes!  (Laughter)

Q: What happened to Bree?  We talk about souls, after Eclipse especially,what happened? Does she have one?

SM:  See, I feel like that’s a question that is for later… If I kept going.  That’s something that they don’t know at this point. Right?  Bree didn’t know. And I haven’t gone there yet.

Q: Have you decided in your mind?

SM: Yah.

Q: She (Bree) does say she wants to be with Diego. She thinks I want to be with Diego now. Does she really get to be with Diego in the end?

SM: Vampire Heaven… That would be a cool book, right?  There are a lot of angel books out. I haven’t read any of them… I’ll have to find some good ones.

Q: Instead of killing people they have to go around helping people?!?!

SM: It’s like the original ‘Little Mermaid’.  Like the sprites that have to go around doing good deeds for their soul.  maybe that’s it.  Vampire chores…

Q: I was leaning more towards cannibal mermaids later?

SM: Yah… I love the cannibal mermaids.

Q: We talked a little bit about Riley, and how Bree Tanner changed some perceptions about Riley. I had a lot of pity for him… Originally.  Then I read Bree Tanner and it takes it away a little bit. Ok, maybe a lot!

SM: We see him get about as dark as someone can get!  And, yah, I had way more pity for him until I got to a point where I realized what he would have done to Diego. And, that he would have been a part of that. He really liked Diego, but because of that tie to Victoria he was able to cross even the line of friendship and any kind of decency. So, by the end he is not a pitiable figure. He loses that ability. I still, when I read Eclipse, when I look at the end, that moment when Edward gives him a chance and he could rethink it… And he knows what she is, because of what he’s just gone through with Diego.  He didn’t care about the others. I think he’s about to find out she doesn’t care about him, but he just betrayed his friend in the most spectacularly horrible way!


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