Interview: What Twilight Merchandise does Twilight author Stephenie Meyer keep?

LTT: So what have you been given where you’re, like, “Oh! Okay…that’s interesting…”

SM: What’s the weirdest thing I’ve been given? I been given some really amazing stuff, because someone gave me a quilt that…….I mean, I don’t have words. It’s amazing. Each square was made by someone different. And they depict scenes from different scenes from the book. And it’s lovely.
Someone knitted a giant Twilight book cover with the hand and the apple. It’s a bed-size blanket. And it’s amazing. That took a lot of effort!


Meghan: The drum?

SM: Oh, the drum….that was amazing. That’s one of my
favorite things. From the Quileute Nation, they sent me a drum, and I guess part of the package was “you have to make your first drum,” and it was somebody’s first drum that they had made, and it’s really beautiful. There’s one very similar to it hanging in Emily’s house. That was really cool. But they want things that are funny that I’ve gotten.

Meghan: Oh, funny! Well…

SM: I’m trying to remember…Something like, “Edward would
wait” and had a picture of Edward and things like that. And those are like, oh, man! The absolute embarrassment!


Kallie (TST): I remember last year at the premiere, there was a girl
who had Twilight, but then you turned it around and I guess it said “vampire”?

?: Werewolf.

SM: I mean you gotta give her points. That’s kinda cool.

Nikki (LTT): What about
the one that’s, like, Edward’s head, but he had, like, huge eyes.

(more chatter about various Twilight gifts and “30 Rock” TV

SM: Yeah, there’s some stuff out there, especially the non-sanctioned stuff.

Alison (twifans): Do you have a room that you put all of the stuff in? Do you have a Twilight room?

SM: I have a Twilight storage shed. We have 3 storage sheds. They give me all of the official merchandise too. If you try and think, there are people who want this, you know, maybe I’ll give it to someone…

Meghan: You guys are getting some of it!

Group: Yeah!!

SM: For Christmas, we always do a White Elephant exchange in
my family. Kinda like a good joke. It’s like, who can get the best thing, right? I have a lot of brothers, so I got, like, the extra large Jacob with no shirt on.


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