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Jackson Rathbone a.k.a Jasper Hale in Clive Barker's Dread.

“Rathbone describes Dread as a Kinsey-esque study of fear. “It has those base elements: What are you afraid of? Why are those urban legends urban legends? Why are they told over and over again? Because, those ideas are scary. There have been many documented cases of a complete stranger murdering many people and getting away with it and no one ever knowing why. It’s very rare that you’ll find a film or a piece of literature that delves into the mind of someone that’s been affected by that and what they do to get over it. We all have something in our lives that causes that dread, that inspired it and that’s kind of what we’re trying to get to the root of in this film. Barker’s story did it with such lyrical prose. It’s just beautiful and the imagery is haunting, it really is. We filmed scenes that just made a lot of people sick. Not just because of the gruesome element, but the idea of those situations where you’re like, ‘Yeah, if I was in that situation what would I do?’ And you know what you do a lot of times and you just wouldn’t ever want to think about it.”

Anna Kendrick a.k.a Jessica in Up In The Air

“Q: What did you enjoy most about your character, Natalie?

Anna: I love that she’s unapologetically ambitious. I don’t have that and I wouldn’t really want that for myself, but I admire it so much, in her. I love that she’s independent and strong. I know that the audience really falls for her, after she completely melts down, and I love her even when she’s in her bratty mode. There was almost a desire for me to not show as much as Jason [Reitman] wanted me to show, and keep her protected and not give as much away because I feel protective of her and I wanted her to maintain her dignity. I love her, even when she’s a nightmare… I think she’s a control freak, and I think I’m a control freak, but we react to being out of our element in very different ways. I get more awkward and I fumble and things immediately fall apart. And, Natalie’s rigidity and self-awareness increases exponentially, when she feels out of control. She tries to cling to anything that she can control or keep orderly, whether it’s her hair or her computer. It makes for some very interesting comedy.”

Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen in Remember Me.

Kristen Stewart a.k.a Bella Swan in The Yellow Handkerchief

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