Peter Facinelli Takes a Bite Out of 'New Moon' Interview

'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' patriarch Peter Facinelli chats about the premiere what he's looking forward to about 'Eclipse,' working with three different directors, the scrutiny that his co-stars are constantly under, his Twitter life and what he knows about 'Breaking Dawn.'

Highlights of the Interview

The film's premiere: "That was pretty phenomenal. To show up somewhere and have six blocks of screaming fans is pretty fantastic."

Seeing it on the big screen: "What was great about this was, I wasn't in a lot of the werewolf stuff, so it was fun to watch something that I hadn't been in so I got to see it as an audience member."

His favorite scene: "Watching Jacob [transform.]"

He hopes 'Breaking Dawn' gets made: "As an actor you take on these books and I want to be able to close the chapter on them, no pun intended, and complete the saga and as a fan I'd love to see all four of them made."

How his co-stars love lives are constantly scrutinized: "It's sad to me because they are friends of mine ... and it's tough."


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