'New Moon' Director Chris Weitz Talks Bella Swan And Jacob Kiss

'I can assure you we're staying very, very close [to the book],' Weitz says.

"New Moon" trailers have established fairly clearly the basic premise of the film: Edward leaves Bella. Bella is sad. Jacob helps Bella feel better.

For anyone familiar with "Twilight," they know the central love story surrounds the human Bella Swan and the vampire Edward Cullen. It is the onscreen interaction between stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson that fans are paying their good money to see — to the point, Bella's aural hallucinations in the novel have become visual onscreen, so that the two can have more screen time.

So fans were a bit concerned when they saw what looked to be a kiss between Bella and Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black in the second theatrical trailer. As a quick spoiler, in the novel Bella and Jacob do have an almost-kiss, but it is interrupted.

We asked director Chris Weitz if he fudged the book a bit to sneak in a full kiss between the most present "New Moon" stars.

"I can assure you we're staying very, very close [to the book]," Weitz said. "No one will feel that I have betrayed Edward and Bella's relationship."

Not to worry, "Twilight" fans. At least two "New Moon" trailers shows full-fledged kisses between Bella and Edward, so the film's romance quota has been filled at least twice. It won't be until "New Moon" hits theaters November 20 that we find out if there are any other Bella-and-Edward smooches that have not been revealed.


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