Video Tour of The Twilight Saga’s “Forks”

When it came time to bring Twilight to the big screen, Catherine Hardwicke and her crew couldn’t use Forks — the picturesque town in Washington State, with a population of just over 3,000, lacked the housing and infrastructure for a film crew.

Because not everyone can make the trip to Oregon — and because we fear the entire state lacks the housing and infrastructure for the sheer numbers that are the Twilight fanbase — we’ve put together a video tour of the movie’s locales. A big thanks to Portland Movie Tours for showing us around.

Bella's House

1. Bella's House

Prom Dress Shop

6. Prom Dress Shop

Forks High School Parking Lot

2. "Forks High School" Parking Lot

Bookstore and Alley

7. Bookstore & Alley

Carver Cafe

3. Carver Cafe

Parking Lot Rescue

8. Parking Lot Rescue

Sparkle Reveal

4. Sparkle Reveal

Italian Restaurant

9. Italian Restaurant

Lion and Lamb

5. Lion and Lamb

Prom Scene

10. Prom Scene


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