True Twilight: A Glee Club Musical Performs "Don't Stop Bleeding"

The kids over at Gorilla Tango Theatre have really got their finger on the pulse with True Twilight: A Glee Club Musical, premièring Sept. 1. Combining all the best camp from True Blood, Twilight, Glee, and High School Musical, this play should hit the spot for any fangbanger, Gleek, or respectable adult woman who thinks Robert Pattinson is the cat's pajamas.

The plot's wacky, so hang in there: Suckie Stickhouse moves to Wiccan Park and finds herself torn asunder by two swarthy but boring dudes, Ted Mullen and Shirts On The Ground. While she hems and haws over the impossible choice, she bides her time by trying out for the local musical, where she draws the ire of Rachel Sharpay, town priss. Hijinks ensue, songs are sung, and somehow Bill Nye The Science Guy helps solve everyone's problems.

This collaborative effort runs Wednesdays through most of September, and is definitely over the top, with campy jokes about glitter dicks and fleeting virginity. But according to director Andrew Kraft, that's the whole point. "It's a silly parody," he says. "Audiences are coming because they love the characters, and they want to watch people have a ton of fun doing the show."

The A.V. Club popped in on dress rehearsal and caught some of the big musical climax, "Don't Stop Bleeding." Good luck getting this earworm to go away. It's about to become your own personal brand of heroin.


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