Peter Facinelli bakes cookies for Charity of Glad Celebrity Cookie Challenge

Twilight actor Peter Facinelli on a Mission of Glad Celebrity Cookie Challenge for the Benefit of raising funds for Pediatric Cancer Research through Bake Sales.

Glad is teaming up with three celebrities this fall:

    * Jayma Mays, everyone’s favorite high school guidance counselor from "Glee"
    * Joan Cusack, Hollywood’s funny woman and resident "mom
      on a mission"
    * Peter Facinelli, the hottest doctor on TV and star of
      The Twilight Saga

This November, Jayma, Joan and Peter will go head-to-head in a celebrity cookie challenge where they will compete to raise the most money through a month–long online bake sale.

Show your support by joining your favorite team at www.facebook.com/gladtogive and learn more about the upcoming challenge.


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