Taylor Lautner part of the phone crew during Hope For Haiti Telethon

"Hope for Haiti" relief telethon airs tonight, Robert Pattinson will not be manning the phones, despite reports to the contrary. Rather, he'll support the effort with an appearance out of London, a spokesman for MTV confirms.

Robert was spotted today on his way to the taping -- rocking one of those oh-so-popular beards we've been seeing so much of lately.

Taylor Lautner, however, will be part of the Los Angeles-based phone crew, which includes more than 100 other celebrity names. And just because we haven't seen shimmers from the likes of Mel Gibson, Nick and Kevin Jonas, Jeremy Renner, Gabourey Sidibe, Russell Simmons, John Cusack or Alyssa Milano lately doesn't mean they don't give good phone!

Brad Pitt, who's an old hand at this sort of thing, will also be among the stars appearing, though not as part of the phone bank.

What about Kristen Stewart?

Edward's Bella was already committed to the Sundance Film Festival, where she's promoting "The Runaways" and "Welcome to the Rileys."


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