Bella's Bliss:A Twilight Valentine's Day Poem

Here's a Twilight poem written by Laura Lovell for Valentine's day.

A Twilight Valentine's Day Poem

The New Moon sparkles in the still of the night,
But not nearly as beautiful as you shine in the morning light.
My immortal love, your arms are the safest place I can be, arms of steel and might.

100 years may pass and I will still love you as I do today,
my love has no limit, no bottom, no end... it's undeniably true.

Your amber colored eyes can look forever into my heart, soaking up every drop of hunger I have for you.

You lay next to me, strong and soft, gentle and growling, kissing me takes concentration and control,
yet kissing you is easier than breathing, easier than giving you my soul.

I can sleep like an angel knowing you are standing guard, watching over me, in silence you creep.
I dream about you because my heart aches for you and my eyes miss your face, when I am asleep.

Before you, I knew love like an empty sunset, I knew not of the fruit inside of the peel,
I knew nothing of passion that is indescribably real.
I tasted nothing of heaven until the touch of your cool lips created a lingering seal.

I can no longer feel the cold, when you smile in a certain way, it's like butterflies fluttering on fire in my stomach, your lips curl around and you laugh and drop your head, when I ask you where do you sleep, where is your bed?

We can sleep on the clouds of bliss and wonder aloud how long can we be madly in love like this?


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