Stephenie Meyer one of Forbes' 'Most Powerful Women'

Stephenie Meyer, beloved author of the Twilight series books, has been chosen by Forbes as one of the "World's Most Powerful Women."

Meyer placed 49th on the list of one hundred, with the publication issuing the following synopsis:

"Following the J.K. Rowling model of mum-turned-mega-millionaire, Stephenie Meyer had held only one job, as a receptionist in an Arizona property company before penning the bestselling Twilight series, which has sold 116 million copies worldwide. Meyer's vision of a world where vampires and teens co-exist may be to blame for the blood-lusting trend that continues four years later with TV series like The Vampire Diaries. Her sci-fi romance novel, The Host, spent 26 weeks as a bestseller and is rumored to be in pre-production for a 2011 release. Meyer says she will be focusing her efforts on the final installments of the Twilight movie franchise, set to arrive in theaters in November 2011."

The good thing about Stephenie Meyer being a part of this is that she, like a lot of the other women included, has used her influence for the benefit of others as well. For example, her most recent release, Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella, helped raise millions for the American Red Cross.


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