Do you want the Jonas Brothers on the soundtrack to Twilight sequel, New Moon?

Everyone in the business of show wants in on Twilight. The series of books by Stephenie Meyer have proved a sensation and everything with a Twilight twist turns to gold. The film starring Kristen Stewart as high school student Bella who falls for the charms of vampire Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) has been an international box office hit, its soundtrack has topped the charts and everything from Bella’s mittens to Edward’s Volvo C30 have basked in the glow of Twilight. And now as we gear up for the filming of the Twilight sequel New Moon (to get underway next month), a number of stars want a piece of the Twilight pie and the latest to join the likes of acclaimed young actress Dakota Fanning on this list are American pop princes the Jonas Brothers.

Like Twilight, this trio of sparkly toothed, clean-cut siblings are a favourite with youngsters and have talked to MTV about the chance of contributing some music for the New Moon soundtrack. “The movie was obviously a huge success, and if they asked us to be a part of [the sequel], that would be great,” admitted Nick Jonas, the youngest of the three at 16. He and his brothers Joe (aged 19) and Kevin (the eldest at 21) revealed in the interview that they are fans of Twilight and would be willing to write a song especially for inclusion on the soundtrack. “It would be really cool,” continued Nick, and his brothers agreed. “That would be really cool,” chimed in Joe and Kevin.

Do you think a Jonas Brothers track on the New Moon soundtrack would be “really cool” too? The brotherly trio are known for their perky pop tunes and squeaky clean image, factors that would probably earn them the thumbs up from parents of younger Twilight fans, but would this gel with the rock sound established on the Twilight soundtrack by bands such as Muse and Linkin Park? Maybe this new soundtrack will assume a different sound to its predecessor as suggested last month, enabling the Jonas Brothers to fit in, or maybe it will be so experimental that a clean-cut boy band will be even more out of place. As always, leave a comment below and let us know whether you want the Jonas Brothers to provide a soundtrack song for New Moon.

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